“But there’s always one thing that pisses me off…” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Talked About the Issue for Co-star Jamie Lee Curtis

“But there’s always one thing that pisses me off…” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Talked About the Issue for Co-star Jamie Lee Curtis

If you are from the 80s and 90s generation, you would definitely know the name Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor and former governor of California has earned his name in the political as well as the sports world. However, more than once he has proved himself as a gentleman and a kind human being as well. Recently, he met his co-star, Jamie Lee Curtis, after almost 30 years, and talked about an issue he didn’t like about her at the Hand and Footprint Ceremony.

Throughout his career, the actor has worked with many female actors. In one of the most popular films, True Lies (1994), Schwarzenegger worked with Jamie Lee Curtis. At the ceremony, while the actor praised his co-star, Curtis, he also opened up about the problem he had with the way people addressed her.

People termed the Freaky Friday actress as a supporting actress in the 1994 film, True Lies. Arnold said there were amazing things about Curtis that we could find online. “But there’s always one thing that pisses me off, and that is when they say that she is a supporting actress in the movie True Lies,” said The Terminator actor during his speech.

He also clarified his statement by saying she was not supporting, rather she was the lead actress in the film. Jamie Lee Curtis was starring alongside him. And by addressing this issue, the actor defended his co-star and happily praised her work. While appreciating the gesture by Schwarzenegger, Curtis also jokingly asked to make another movie after all these years.

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As much as fans would love to see them together, did you know this was not the first time that Arnold defended her?

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a stand for Jamie Lee Curtis back in the day as well

As the Total Recall actor shared his feelings about the issue, his co-star also recalled an incident. While opening up about it, Jamie Lee Curtis said this wasn’t the first time that Arnold had stood up for her. Before the release of their film, True Lies, the filmmaker wanted to put Jamie’s name below the title and not beside Schwarzenegger’s. However, Schwarzenegger didn’t agree with the decision.

He was strictly against the decision of not putting her name beside his. And at last, the filmmaker had to bow down to the former professional bodybuilder. They put Jamie Lee Curtis’ name beside Arnold Schwarzenegger’s on the film’s poster. With such respect he has shown towards her, it is no wonder Lee Curtis wants to return to True Lies franchise with the Austriak Oak.

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While fans have always been in love with the kindness of the actor, they loved the duo and their bond, too.

What did you think of Schwarzenegger’s stance about Lee Curtis and the credit give to her for True Lies? Share your take with us in the comments.

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