Body Language Expert Decoded Meghan Markle’s Gestures to Form Familial Relations With the Royal Family

Body Language Expert Decoded Meghan Markle’s Gestures to Form Familial Relations With the Royal Family

The royal experts and commentators have been decoding almost everything the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have said. They also focused on how they said whatever they said. However, whatever relationship Prince Harry and Meghan Markle share with the royal family currently, is a different matter. Because initially when Markle entered the royal family officially, she was spotted trying to make a connection with the royals. Before they left their royal duties, the Suits star portrayed certain gestures that showed her desires.

While entering into a new home after marriage could be a difficult thing, the former American actress tried to be closer to some people in the royal family. A body language expert named Judy James recently opened up to about the analysis of certain gestures of the Duchess. Those gestures revealed the innermost desire of Markle to be closer to these people. Let us explore more about which royal members she wanted to stay close to.

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Meghan Markle wanted to stay close to these four royal members

Sharing her observations, Judy James explained Meghan Markle’s relationship with Queen Consort Camilla. Although now that the Duke and Duchess attacked King Charles when they left England, Camilla might not feel the same. But there was a time when she was close to Markle. As they greeted each other with a nice handshake at Ascot suggesting their warm and positive bond. Looking a little closer, when they posed together in a group, their super friendly personality around each other suggested there had been a real and close relationship.

There was also a possibility of having a close connection between King Charles and the American actress. When they used to pose for a group picture, Markle’s mere eye contact with her father-in-law was enough. Whenever they talked to each other, King Charles’ face would be lightened up. With King Charles, she would always nod slightly to express her respect and longing for a little deeper conversation. Well, if they would have continued living at the royal palace, Meghan Markle could have found a deeper connection based on their passion for solving problems around the world.

Talking about her bond with King Charles, Judi also remembered the moment when the King walked her down the aisle. After their differences with the royal family, the couple might have forged these connections. While giving other instances with the King and Princess Anna who like to keep a formal look at public events, the expert also talked about the actress’ bond with the late Queen Elizabeth ll as well.

While sitting next to her, looking attentive and compassionate, the Duchess also was keen to make a connection with the late Queen. In return, the late Queen was also ready to break royal protocol for her granddaughter-in-law.  However, Her Majesty has left behind a bunch of good memories in terms of non-verbal communication. Keeping eye contact properly, expressing respect while slightly nodding and leaning forward to show trust, the Duchess has always tried to make a closer bond with Her Majesty.

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While currently, the situation is a little changed, the couple, specifically the Duchess of Sussex could have been closer to the family, according to the expert. What is your take on this? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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