Body Language Experts Prefer Kate Over William, say, The Prince Seems ‘unsure’ While Middleton Is ’resilient’

Body Language Experts Prefer Kate Over William, say, The Prince Seems ‘unsure’ While Middleton Is ’resilient’

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton and Prince William have flourished as the most responsible members of the Royal Family. Ever since Kate Middleton stepped in as the center of the UK’s Monarchy, she had wholeheartedly embraced her duties as the Princess of Wales and the Queen in waiting for Britain’s throne. Despite every controversy and all dispute that has fallen out in the family, Kate and William have always put on a united front before the world. 

The aftermath of Prince Harry’s book release has been something similar but body language experts have something more to say. Through the course of all recent developments, the Royal Family as a whole has firmly stuck to the ‘do not complain, do not explain’ agenda. The Netflix bombshell docuseries and the Prince’s nuclear memoir did not have the slightest effect on his estranged family. Nevertheless, some guess Prince William has finally felt the sting of the accusations. 

Prince William showed signals of uncertainty in his appearance with Kate Middleton

The future King along with his beautiful wife stepped out last a couple of days ago on Thursday at Liverpool. Exclusive reports from The Daily Express reveal the husband and wife were in perfect synchronization as they made their first public appearance in similar attires for the new year. However, the same body language expert felt Prince William was a bit under the weather. Judi James, eminent Royal commentator said their response is entirely non-verbal which “allows their body language to do the talking.

Despite the aim for solidarity, the father of three seemed to be displaying some signals for the spectators. She further claims Prince William showed a rather sensitive side of his personality to the public amidst the trenchant accusations put on him by his brother. His pressed lips and confused looks could show how unsure he seemed before the crowd. Kate Middleton, on the other hand, looking elegant in the double-breasted coats as forever, looked ‘resilient’ in her personality. 

Nevertheless, all in the duo were in perfect harmony with each other. That alone describes the Royal Family’s unshakeable bond in times of grief and controversies. 

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How did you like William and Kate Middleton on Thursday? Do you think Prince William seemed a bit off than usual? Let us know in the comments below.

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