Meghan Markle Praises King Charles, Says Walking Down The Aisle Felt ‘surreal’

Meghan Markle Praises King Charles, Says Walking Down The Aisle Felt ‘surreal’

Netflix has finally dropped the last three episodes of Harry and Meghan and big revelations of the day are on their way. The second half of the docuseries, as expected, started with the grand Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan. While the world witnessed the two tying the knot, there were some wholesome surprises that knocked the world. 

The Duchess, Meghan Markle, seemingly gave the backstory of the entire wedding. Right from the moment, she donned her timeless Givenchy gown to sealing the rituals with a kiss from Prince Harry, she could not control her excitement. And King Charles had undoubtedly played a great role in looking after the marriage. As said by Prince Harry, even the orchestra that they chose was selected by his father. And that made the entire difference.

Meghan Markle gets overwhelmed talking about King Charles

The most eye-catching and heartwarming moment of the wedding has to be Prince Harry’s father walking Markle down the aisle. “Harry’s dad is very charming,” affirmed Markle as she gushed about one of the best days of her life. She further talked about the loss of her own father. Continuing with a grim and equally grateful countenance, Markle stated, “him as a father-in-law was very important” to her. 

The sense of familiarity and the mutual respect they held for each other made Markle ask him to walk down the aisle. King Charles, as per the Duchess, said yes and so the grand event took place at St. George’s Chapel. The whole moment as she narrated “felt surreal.” And the same reflected in the Duke’s eyes. Markle, in a joyful tone, asked her husband what he was thinking at that moment. 

The latter went through an undisturbed flashback, stating, “look at me what have I got,” expressing his unconditional love for Meghan Markle. Before the king handed the bride to the groom, both were seen exchanging subtle smiles and giggles. Both the Duke and the Duchess could not stop being grateful to King Charles III, who looked after them throughout the entire wedding. And their overwhelmed eyes said it all. 

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Have you seen Volume two of Harry and Meghan on Netflix yet? Which part did you like about Harry and Meghan reminiscing about their wedding?

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