Billie Eilish Recalls Her First Show at 14 in Front of Four Girls in a Festival: “I almost barfed out of excitement”

Billie Eilish Recalls Her First Show at 14 in Front of Four Girls in a Festival: “I almost barfed out of excitement”

To any artist belonging to any art form, the first performance or the first display of your artwork is the biggest deal. It gives you an acknowledgment that people are seeing your work. Whether or not they like it is a different question. And for someone like Billie Eilish, who started her career at the young age of 14, it indeed was a big deal.

In her new hour-long interview with David Letterman, Billie shares her experience of performing for the first time. And how excited she was while doing it.

Let us see what the seven-time Grammy winner had to say.

The first performance by Billie Eilish was magical

Billie Eilish was just a 14-year-old girl when she released her debut song, “Ocean Eyes,” on SoundCloud late one night in 2016.  Her dance teacher was the only one she planned to listen to it. The song had gone popular on the streaming site when she woke up the next day.

And that was the birth of the highly popular artist that we know today. And while talking about her initial days in the music industry and how it felt to perform for the first time. Billie called it a “magical moment” and something that she never thought she would do. She says, “It wasn’t something I planned on doing.”

When Letterman asked where Billie’s first performance was, She replied that it was after she had done a few shows and in a festival called CRSSD.

Eilish then goes on to retell the story of her first performance. Apparently, when she went onto the stage, there were like only four girls against the barricade, and a few people staggered in the huge open field.

While explaining the experience, Billie shares, “When I sang Ocean Eyes, they sang along the chorus, and I almost barfed out of excitement.”

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Later on in the interview, Billie also gives David insight into vocals and even gives him a tough time in go-karting.

Billie is a really popular artist, with her songs being featured in multiple movies and even Netflix Originals. Her career is only beginning, and we are sure it is great things are still to come for her.

Did you guys like Billie Eilish‘s first song, Ocean Eyes? Let us know in the comments.

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