Billie Eilish Songs That You Vibe to in Your Favorite Netflix Shows

Billie Eilish Songs That You Vibe to in Your Favorite Netflix Shows

Billie Eilish is one of the most popular artists of our generation. The seven Grammy winner has quickly risen to fame since her debut in 2015. In just seven years since her first album, Billie has been delivering bangers and bangers. And when an artist is so popular, how can Netflix not include their songs?

We are sure you must’ve heard Billie Eilish’s songs in some Netflix Originals. But if by chance you missed it. Here are some Billie Eilish songs that were used in your favorite Netflix Originals.

Billie Eilish songs used in Netflix Originals


Netflix’s You is one of the most popular shows on the streamer. The show is praised for its acting, writing, and, you guessed it, soundtrack. And the show creators decided to include Lost Cause by Billie in their third season episode 10 soundtrack.

Big Mouth

Big Mouth is one of Netflix’s most popular animated shows. The series is renewed till the seventh season and has a spin-off series too. So Netflix decided to use Eilish’s Bury a Friend for the season 4 episode five end credits. If you have seen the episode, you know that the song fits it perfectly.

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Locke & Key

2019 seems like ages ago. Just before the pandemic hit us all, we were bopping our heads to you should see me in a crown and that’s why it can also be heard in Locke & Key season 1, episode 9 when Lucan is putting the crown on himself and giving us the iconic line “Hello darkness my old friend.”

The Umbrella Academy

Bad Guy was one of the most popular songs by Billie, and it remains to be. The song won multiple Grammies, including the song of the year. It also got a feature in The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Episode 5 when number Five is fighting Lila or crazy lady as Five calls her.

Billie is still young and surely has a bright and immensely successful career in front of her. And who knows how many more of her hit songs will get featured in Netflix Originals shows or movies.

Meanwhile, let us know if we missed one of her songs in a Netflix show or movie. Share your answers with us in the comments.

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