Billie Eilish Once Made an Appearance on THIS Special Episode of ‘The Simpsons’

Billie Eilish Once Made an Appearance on THIS Special Episode of ‘The Simpsons’

Billie Eilish was once part of The Simpsons. The young singer set the score straight this year by winning multiple Grammy Awards. She found her breakthrough at a rather tender age with hits like Ocean Eyes and the James Bond movie song No Time to Die. But the singer is multi-talented.

She is known for her unique, and almost angelic voice. But the singer who is known for rather dark songs, always wanted people to know that she is a light fun person. So when there was an announcement of her guest appearing on The Simpsons, everyone including her was excited.

What part did Billie Eilish play in The Simpsons?

Billie Eilish surprised everyone with one of the most exciting guest appearances. She appeared in a Disney+ special, The Simpsons shorts. The shorts are supposed to be like mini-movies, and this one was titled When Billie Met Lisa. The episode aired on the channel in April of this year.

She plays herself in the episode, bringing a big opportunity for Lisa Simpson. It is known how much Lisa loves music and playing her saxophone. Her talent is discovered by the Eilish siblings as they invite her to a studio. The award-winning singer recorded her version of The Simpsons theme music for the short episode.

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These specials are made focusing on any one of the main characters from the Simpsons family. The previous short episodes were Maggie Simpson in The Force Awaken from its Nap, and The Good, The Bart, The Loki. The Simpsons in Pulaversary, the latest one which came out on 12th November. Though the episode received average ratings, it was much loved by fans of the show and the artist.

Previously, celebrities like Stephen Hawking, Leonard Nimoy, and Johnny Cash, etc also appeared on the show. Though the Grammy award winner is one of the most successful and young ones to make it so big. A feather in the hat over this year’s achievements.

If you have seen the episode, what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments.


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