Billie Eilish Is Moving From ‘It Girl’ to Now E-Girl but With Her Edgy Taste

Billie Eilish Is Moving From ‘It Girl’ to Now E-Girl but With Her Edgy Taste

Billie Eilish left no doubts when she won an Oscar at the age of eighteen that she is a singer unlike any other. But from the moment that she rose to fame, apart from releasing chart-topping music, the singer has been the ultimate style inspiration for many. Eilish is an example that you can even make something as simple as sweatpants and a hoody look cool if you are creative enough.

The artist, on countless occasions, has spoken about her style evolution, body issues, and other such matters pertaining to how she looks. And while the singer has stressed that she is finding herself, fans think that her E-girl era is permanent. Eilish has moved through eras when it comes to style. What started as a gothic girl era is now an E-girl era, and fans have been manifesting it for quite a while.

Fans cheer as Billie Eilish enters a new style era

When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? We aren’t sure about everyone, but Billie Eilish definitely goes to her closet to put together another masterpiece of an outfit. The singer, who was brutally trolled for many of her outfits, has kept her head high and continued to experiment with her looks. Despite saying that masculine looks made her feel strong, Eilish posed on the cover of Vogue dressed in a corset.

For fans who were mostly used to seeing her sweatpants and a beanie, this came as a huge shock. The Bad Guy singer continued experimenting with different styles until she found the one she liked.

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And while right now it is still an ongoing conundrum, Billie Eilish had us convinced at the beginning of 2022 that, E-girl was her permanent era.

The singer was often found in pleated skirts and knee-high boots in oversized t-shirts and a pixie cut, all synonymous with e-girl or electronic girls in technical terms. Eilish ditched the usual sweatpants that used to gallop her and opted for a mini skirt that would hug her wonderfully along her curves.

The singer also dropped a merch line named THE WORLD’s A  LITTLE BLURRY, which, apart from being fashionable, is also environmentally friendly. The E-girl era is still ongoing, with Eilish continuing to swap her comfortable loungewear with lingerie and skirts. And her recent Instagram photo dump that left the Internet speechless is proof of this fact.

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