Best Christmas Romcoms Streaming on Netflix in 2021

Best Christmas Romcoms Streaming on Netflix in 2021

Christmas is around the corner, and love is certainly in the air. With these Christmas-themed romcoms on Netflix, satiate yourself in the world of romance with these stirring and top-notch movies that will not only entertain you but will also set the mood for the romantic Christmas evening with your family and loved ones. Here’s a hand-picked list of the latest rom-com movies specifically tailored for a cozy and homey Christmas evening.

Love Hard

Being catfished on a dating app is not uncommon, but Nina Dobrev says otherwise. As far as predictability goes, there are other Christmas romcoms on Netflix that can offer more. But Love Hard stands out with a simple, cozy plot and great acting.

Even after being catfished, Natalie doesn’t give up on Tag and in the continuous conquest of impressing Tag, Natalie ends up seeking help from Josh- the very man who scammed her. After sharing all her weaknesses with Josh and pretending to be someone she’s not in front of Tag, Natalie ends up falling for Josh, as evident from the trailer and definitely predictable.

Although the concept is pretty simple, the writers make sure the plot is out of the ordinary, taking the audience back to the basics of love.

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The Princess Switch 3

Christmas is the gala day for the thieves. When a thief steals a valuable Christmas relic, Margaret Delacourt, Queen of Montenaro, Stacy Juliette De Novo Wyndham, Princess of Belgravia, and Lady Fiona Pembroke, Margaret’s cousin, join forces to hunt down the notorious jewel thief.

As the story develops, the viewers will not only be amazed but also be awe-struck by the imagery and performance of the actors. The Princess Switch 3 will definitely not disappoint the viewers on their Christmas movie night.

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A Castle For Christmas

Falling in love is nothing new, but falling in love with a castle sure is. When the best-selling author Sophie Brown hastens to Scotland in order to escape the mishaps caused because of her book, she comes across a castle- Dun Dunbar. Immediately bewitched by the beauty of it, Sophie falls in love with the place.

However, her aim to get her love- Dun Dunbar is not going to be an easy task as she will have to stand against the short-tempered restless Duke who owns the Castle.

Will Sophie get what she desires in A Castle For Christmas? Or will the Duke have his way?

Single All The Way

For the singles alone on a Christmas evening, Single All The Way is just the right pick for you. This Christmas, surround yourself with the protagonists of this Netflix Original- Peter and Nick. The two pretend to be in a relationship to fend off Peter’s family.

The duo pulls this facade only to find out that Peter’s mother has arranged a blind date for him. After a series of hysterical twists and turns, the fated ones finally meet to carve the story into a beautiful ending with Peter and Nick finally looking forward to their together forever.

Breaking the stereotypes with its humorous and unconventional storyline, this Netflix Original will ensure its viewers a memorable evening.

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Christmas Flow

Rom-Coms are majorly famous for their signature ‘opposites attract’ trope. Following the same approach, Netflix presents its rom-com fans with Christmas Flow, an irregular love story between a journalist and a rapper.

Despite having many struggles and differences, the duo tries to make their relationship work. This romantic miniseries is a perfect fit for your Christmas evening. Add action, comedy, and suspense to an unforgettable plot, and you have the perfect watch this Christmas.

Make this Christmas a memorable one with these wholesome and alluring rom-coms streaming only on Netflix.

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