Will There Be a Love Hard Sequel on Netflix? Jimmy O. Yang Already Has a Pitch

Will There Be a Love Hard Sequel on Netflix? Jimmy O. Yang Already Has a Pitch

With rom-coms being some of Netflix’s most popular releases, the platform certainly has no shortage of holiday romances. But Love Hard might just be one of their best releases yet. With an unusual plot, a great cast, and some great comedic moments, the film managed to keep things light-hearted but still heartwarming. Sequel or no, Love Hard is a must-watch.

Love Hard is about Natalie. Nina Dobrev plays this young dating column writer, who lives in Los Angeles. After a rough dating journey, Natalie falls in love with a man named Josh Lin and travels to a small town on the East Coast to surprise him for Christmas.

With the many precautions she’d taken to make sure she wasn’t being catfished, Natalie arrives only to find out that she had, in fact, been catfished. The real Josh is nerdy and nowhere near as objectively attractive as the man she had seen on the dating app. However, the man she believed that Josh was, lives in the same town and Natalie wants Josh to set her up with him. That catch here is that she just has to pretend to be Josh’s girlfriend for the holidays.

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Throughout this weird Wattpad-esque journey, Natalie finds herself falling for Josh, finding his plain Jane traits to be quite comforting. While the plot of the movie isn’t exactly unpredictable, the creators certainly managed to keep it wholesome and heartwarming.

Will there be a Love Hard sequel?

Netflix certainly has a thing for rom-com franchises. Some even say that the platform revived rom-coms as a whole. So, a Love Hard sequel might not be completely out of question.

Jimmy O. Yang, the actor who plays Josh, already has a pitch for the sequel. “I pitched the writers, I don’t know if they’ve taken me seriously or not, but it’ll be funny if Josh moves to LA with Natalie,” said Yang in an interview. He continued, “So now instead of seeing a big city girl going to a small town, it’ll be interesting to see a small-town guy move into a big city. What if he just becomes a complete douche and starts partying at 1 Oak and going clubbing every night? Then maybe Natalie would reign him in. That’ll be interesting to see a flip.

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Does the sound of a Lord Hard sequel sound appealing to you? Let us know in the comments!

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