Check These Movies With Elves Available on Netflix

Check These Movies With Elves Available on Netflix

Christmas is just around the corner, and Netflix is not about to be left out of the celebrations. To set the mood right for the festive season, Netflix has released several holiday rom-coms, making sure that those who prefer to snuggle in with a warm cup of coffee have the perfect watching experience. But there are others who do not have a thing for feel-good shows and movies.

Their demands aren’t ignored. Considering the success of Elves, viewers seem to have a taste for these tiny mythical creatures. So, here’s a list of movies with Elves.

Rise of the Guardians

Most Christmas movies have a plot of romance at some point or the other. Making sure the kids or lovers of animated movies don’t feel left out, Netflix has made available Rise of the Guardians. It is a movie about mythical creatures like the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and elves, that children believe in and an evil willing to go to any extent to destroy their belief, putting their lives at risk.

The Lord of the Rings

There are few who haven’t seen the classic Lord of the Rings series or read books of the same name from Tolkien’s legendarium. If we are to delve into the genre of fantasy, then The Lord of the Rings takes the cake as one of the best series ever created.


The writer, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, spent decades working on and perfecting the mythical world of Middle Earth. The man created 15 different dialects for Elvish alone! He also created different languages for all other creatures that inhabited the mythical land of this fantasy saga. If this detail doesn’t coerce people to watch (or rewatch) the series, then we truly doubt their taste. As of now, the film series has been removed from Netflix, but they might be back soon!

The Christmas Chronicles

We have all thought of the seemingly ingenious idea of proving Santa’s existence using a camera. Siblings Kate and Teddy from The Christmas Chronicles devise the same plan and carry it out on Christmas Eve. But things go wrong and they must save the holiday with Saint Nick on their side. And if we’re talking about elves, then the ones in The Christmas Chronicles are probably the only variation that isn’t scary or unappealing. They’re doe-eyed, stout, and absolutely adorable.

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David and the Elves

If feel-good movies about innocent friendships in the unlikeliest of times sound appealing to you, then David and the Elves is just the right pick. Arriving on Netflix right before Christmastime, this movie recounts the friendship of an overworked elf and an amiable young boy who offers friendship to the former and his clan.


Taking over Netflix this season is this Danish Netflix Original called Elves. Though a show, this series has 6 episodes of 30 minutes each, making the entire series slightly longer than an average movie. The show is about a family of four that goes on a getaway to an island. Josefine, the teenage daughter, encounters weird creatures that turn things for the worse.

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