Elves on Netflix Reimagines Elves on a Christmas Vacation – Fans’ Reviews and Ending Explained

Elves on Netflix Reimagines Elves on a Christmas Vacation – Fans’ Reviews and Ending Explained

After the massive Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations on Netflix, it is now time for Christmas. Keeping in line with the festive spirit while making sure they do something different, Netflix has released the show Elves. The series was a rollercoaster ride, but the ending was quite confusing. Find here the explanation of the ending with reviews.

Ending Explained

If there is one lesson fans need to learn from Netflix horror shows and movies, it is that “getaways” to uncrowded places, especially islands, are not a good idea. Elves, a Danish horror-thriller series on Netflix, is about the same. A family of 4 goes to a remote island and on the way to their holiday cabin, they hit something. The parent who caused the accident sees nothing but the agitated teenage daughter finds the victim- a small squeaky creature. And so begins the adventure.

Each episode of this Netflix Original ended with a mind-boggling cliffhanger, making it the perfect binge-watch. But the best part of the series was the intrigue that built up to the last episode. In the sixth episode of Elves, we watch the events finally unfurl and, as most viewers would have predicted at the beginning itself, Karen spins out of control.

Despite Josefine being a child who meant no harm, Karen blames her for the imbalance between the islanders and the Elves. She ties the young girl to a pole, ready to sacrifice her. Just when Josefine is about to be sacrificed, Kasper, Liv, and Moller find the two. However, Karen has lost all sense of her moral compass and is about to shoot anything that stops her. In a moment of climax, a group of evil-looking elves attacks her and we see no more of Karen.

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Just as the family is leaving the island, Liv, the only inhabitant of the island that did not despise them, joins them. The story began of Elves on Netflix began with an elf and car. In a similar fashion, it ends with the same elf sitting in their car as they escape. Each episode of Elves ended with a cliffhanger, with the sixth episode surpassing them all.

Reactions and Reviews

Through the course of the entire series, fans were annoyed with Josefine. Although young, she keeps making choices no one in their right mind would, even someone of her age. Her actions could be ignored had they not caused the death of multiple innocent people. The creators tried their best to show her as an innocent misguided kid with honorable intentions but that narrative can only be carried so far.

Making matters worse, Josefine and her family leave the island. They arrived, caused mayhem, disrupted a balance that would cost lives, and left the island without even acknowledging their fault. The cherry on the cake was that Josefine adopts Kee-ko again.

To sum it up-the show was unimpressionable. An unconvincing storyline causes enough damage by itself, adding insipid demons and a protagonist that keeps messing up is not the best way to go about it. The creators had the last chance to redeem Josefine and Elves, but they chose to run the same circle all over again.

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