Berlin: A Money Heist Spinoff Series – Netflix Release Date, Cast, and More

Berlin: A Money Heist Spinoff Series – Netflix Release Date, Cast, and More

Money Heist, or as some people call it, La Casa de Papel, is going to end soon. But it looks like the universe that this Netflix show has created is not stopping its expansion, as a new Money Heist spinoff series for Berlin will release in 2023. They announced it during a full-day event in the south of Madrid, where the core cast members of the show gathered to answer fans’ questions.

The event took place in Palacio Vistalegre in the south of Madrid; over 5000 fans were present when actor Pedro Alonso declared that even though Money Heist is ending, there will be a new show revolving around the life of Berlin. The show will tell us the origins from which the character comes, and it is surely going to be an amazing watch.

It is a memorable moment because it is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another,” Alonso said at the fan event. “Today I was talking to Jesús Colmenar and we were saying that now we walk into the unknown, open to whatever happens and without expectations.

I know that these people will give the series every possible twist and turn,” he said, showing towards the group of “Money Heist,” screenwriters at the event. “The responsibility (of spinning off such a popular series) can be a burden and a prison, I hope we continue to have the courage to use this wonderful energy to risk everything again,” he added.

Berlin: Money Heist spinoff cast

While we have had no official announcements for the cast of this Money Heist spinoff of Berlin, we will surely see Perdo Alonso in it as he plays the role of Berlin. We can also expect Álvaro Morte to make a few appearances in the show; since his character, The Professor, is Berlin’s half-brother.

Berlin: release date

The Money Heist spinoff series for Berlin was just announced. Hence, we do not have any official date for its release. But Netflix confirmed we will get to see the show in 2023.

Which are the other Money Heist characters you would like to see in their own shows? Let us know in the comments.

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