Will Money Heist Continue? What Can Be Possible Spin-Offs Prospect?

Will Money Heist Continue? What Can Be Possible Spin-Offs Prospect?

As La Casa de Papel comes closer to its end, fans are both excited and heartbroken. As they will finally get to see their favorite characters, but maybe this will be the last time they see them. Given that people want more, one thing that comes to mind is a spinoff show for Money Heist.

Honestly, everyone is wondering what will happen when this Spanish heist drama ends. So let’s sit together humming the tunes of “My Life Is Going On” and see what the future holds for our robbers in red.

Money Heist is Netflix‘s biggest non-English show, and it makes all the more sense to have spinoffs for an already successful show. We would all love to see more of them and about them, so we say let the heisting begin!

Money Heist Korea- A confirmed spinoff

While no other spin-offs are confirmed; we have a confirmed Korean version of the popular Netflix Original coming soon to our screens. It is not actually a spin-off, but just a retelling of the entire story. Just this time we will see the story through the POV of Koreans, and by Korean actors and characters. But they will translate each character of the original show into a Korean version, so yes, more Money Heist content for us.

Park Hae-soo, Yunjin Kim, Jeon Jong-seo, and Yoo Ji-Tae are some of the confirmed cast members of the show. After the recent success of Korean shows like Hellbound and Squid Game, we think Money Heist Korea might be a hit as well.

Will we have a spin-off for The Professor?

The Professor is undoubtedly one of the most amazing characters we have come across in the past few years. His character’s depth, personality, and brilliance are just unmatched. He plans the heist for 20 years and then recruits some of the most talented people for his heist. So, what we are trying to say is we will definitely love to see a spin-off centered on The Professor.

Jesus Colmenar, the director and executive producer of the show, agrees with us. But according to him a lot of The Professor’s story has already been told in the original show. All you have to do is look closely. “Would I do a spin-off of The Professor? Maybe, but it’s already in Money Heist. I mean: his story, his reasons, his why… is already going to be told in Money Heist. Spin-offs (work) of a very secondary character who attracts a lot of attention work, and you can create a new series based on their story,” he said.

Other characters may get their own titles as well

The thing with a show like Money Heist is that there is an endless amount of potential for spinoff shows. One idea that was actually considered for a spinoff series was Berlin and his many girlfriends before the heist, reports Bluper.

When talking about Money Heist spinoffs, the creator Pina said, “We have a lot of possibilities to do a spinoff, yes, and I think it’s thanks to the strong and powerful identities of the characters. We have always wanted the characters to have a very complex and layered design. So I think almost all the characters La Casa de Papel have a duality that we would like to see in a spinoff. We could see any of them in other contexts.” (h/t What’s on Netflix)

Who, according to you, deserves a spinoff of their own? Let us know in the comments.

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