Before ‘Stranger Things’, Millie Bobby Brown Gave a Cameo Appearance in Emmy Winning Series Grey’s Anatomy

Before ‘Stranger Things’, Millie Bobby Brown Gave a Cameo Appearance in Emmy Winning Series Grey’s Anatomy

Before achieving wild success as a megastar, Millie Bobby Brown was a child artist trying to find a platform. This girl felt the instinct at a young age that she is made for the entertainment world and asked her parents to support her dreams. The British actress moved to Florida with her family to showcase her talent and passion for acting. Soon, she enrolled herself in weekend acting workshops when she was only eight years old. However, her destiny brought her to Los Angeles, where she got her first break in Intruders in 2014. She acted in many shows before grabbing global attention with her breakthrough role in Stranger Things. Did you miss her fantastic work before fame? Do you know she had a cameo appearance in the Emmy Winning series Grey’s Anatomy? Let us dig the whole story out!

Millie Bobby Brown gave a breathtaking performance in Grey’s Anatomy

You might have seen Eleven using her powers to stop evil or Enola running on the street finding clues to an unresolved mystery. But her emotional performance as a young girl in Grey’s Anatomy was certainly a sign of things to come. Millie Bobby Brown was cast as Ruddy in episode 15 of season 11 titled I Feel The Earth Move.

In the episode, Millie tries to save her unconscious mother after an earthquake hit their neighborhood. The episode focuses on Ruddy trapped in a cabin explaining the condition of her mother over a call to Owen.

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Meanwhile, the tension grows as the battery is running out and she is asked to pierce her mother’s so she can be saved. Following this, they are taken to the hospital by airlift and she becomes emotional later seeing her mom alive.

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that ran straight for a decade from 2005 to 2015. The show had a massive fandom and received several awards, including the Golden Globe Award and 38 Primetime Emmy Award nominations. It revolved around surgical interns, attendees, and residents balancing their careers and personal life.

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As for the cameo actor, Millie Bobby Brown is now a household name in Hollywood stealing all the limelight. Currently, she is promoting her movie Enola Holmes 2, which will premiere on Netflix on 4 November. Mark the date! Until then, keep Netflix-ing your favorite show or take a ride back to Hawkins with all the seasons of Stranger Things available to stream.

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