“I’m gonna die” – When Millie Bobby Brown Spoke About Her Reaction to an Offer of Becoming an Ambassador

“I’m gonna die” – When Millie Bobby Brown Spoke About Her Reaction to an Offer of Becoming an Ambassador

It has always been a delight to see Millie Bobby Brown on-screen whether it is as the powerful Eleven or clever Enola. The 18-year-old star has never failed to astound fans with her great skills as every year she is only getting better. From being the lead face of Stranger Things to coming on Vogue, she has transformed herself into this impeccable beauty. And there is no doubt that the actress is spreading her wings in different fields from acting to producing to beauty. Even after achieving widespread attention, she still takes every opportunity as a blessing, including the ambassadorship with UNICEF. She once spoke about her reaction to an offer of becoming an ambassador.

Millie Bobby Brown felt honored by UNICEF’s appointment

Millie Bobby Brown sat down with Deborah Frances-White and Susan Wokoma on The Guilty Feminist show to have a chit-chat. During the conversation, the host asked Millie the most important thing she had learned after working with UNICEF. In her response, the actress stated watching these people work for the goodwill of others is an incredible experience.

She revealed how she felt grateful when the UN asked her to become their ambassador because she used to attend their events and talked to children and refugees who were under the care of UNICEF.

“And I was like, oh no, like, I’m gonna die, if you ever honor me something like that,” exclaimed Brown.

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She also added that she cried the whole day and wore blue nails on World Children’s Day. Having seen people and girls living in desolate conditions, the British starlet felt she was fortunate to have the life she does. Therefore, she decided to donate and give back to those in need.

UNICEF appointed Millie Bobby Brown its youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador when she was 14 years old. The Emmy nominated actress felt like a dream came true on the day as she always wanted to help people. Today, she is actively working for child’s rights and especially voicing the girls who do not have access to education.

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The podcast was recorded on 31 March at the Union Chapel in London. You can hear the whole conversation available on Google Podcasts. And don’t forget to tell us your views about this strong young woman taking over the world. Are you excited about Enola Holmes 2? The sequel will premiere on the streaming giant on November 4, 2022.

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