Becoming Tommy Shelby Wasn’t Easy for Cillian Murphy, Says “it wasn’t just putting on a cap”

Becoming Tommy Shelby Wasn’t Easy for Cillian Murphy, Says “it wasn’t just putting on a cap”

There hasn’t been nor will there be any other Tommy Shelby except the one that Cillian Murphy played. Cillian’s portrayal of the Shelby family head hasn’t just burned into our memories for eternity. But it will remain as one of the most authentic and brilliant performances of a complex character. And if you ask anyone, they will tell you one thing: Cillian was born to play Tommy.

However, even for the immensely-talented Cillian Murphy portraying Tommy was not an easy feat. The Irish actor certainly had his apprehension and challenges while accepting the role. In a new interview, the actor talked about how even after playing the role for almost a decade, he had a proper routine to get into his character’s mind, and he kindly shared the whole prepping process.

Do you want to find out how Cillian became the Thomas Michael Shelby, OBE? Then read along.

How did Cillian Murphy prepare to play Tommy Shelby?

Sometimes people execute some things with such perfection it almost seems too easy. But don’t be fooled by the ease with which Cillian played Tommy for six glorious seasons. The character had its own challenges. And even for Cillian, he had a whole procedure to play the man who nearly got everything.

Recently, while talking about playing the character for almost ten years, Cillian shared that getting into the psyche of Thomas was never as easy a task as it appeared.

“It wasn’t just putting on a cap. It’s always a process getting back in,” said the actor whom we will see next in and as Oppenheimer.

The actor then went on to say how before every season, he would sit with the director and Steven Knight, the show creator, for long hours just going through the script and trying to get into shape again.

Murphy even said, “the accent’s not an easy accent, so I’d always have to refresh the accent every year.”

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But no matter how long it took Cillian to get back into the character of Tommy, he always gave a knockout performance. And luckily, we still have the Peaky Blinders movie to witness the last act of Cillian Murphy as the undefeated Thomas Shelby.

Did you guys love seeing Cillian as Tommy in the six-season of Peaky Blinders? Let us know your answers in the comments.

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