Peaky Blinders Movie Cast: Who All From the Original Ensemble Will Be Seen in the Film?

Peaky Blinders Movie Cast: Who All From the Original Ensemble Will Be Seen in the Film?

There hasn’t been a spectacle as grand as Peaky Blinders. Fans have been loyal to the show for almost seven years now. And when they got to know that the show was reduced from seven seasons to only six, they couldn’t be any more heartbroken. But the following news that the show will be concluding with a feature film did put a smile on all our faces. And where there is a film, there has to be a cast. So let us try to find what will be the Peaky Blinders movie cast. And if the original Blinders be returning.

Peaky Blinders movie cast

Season 6 of Peaky Blinders is the final season of the BBC TV series. But creator Steven Knight has promised that there will be a cinematic finale as well as potential spin-offs.

Season 7 was effectively scrapped in favor of an epic film finale set during WWI. However, it’s unknown who will appear in the film.

But recently, Steven Knight revealed that at least Tommy and Arthur will be part of the film. This means that, as of now, Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson are set to return officially.

As for Ada, there has been no news by actress Sophie Rundle about her possible appearance in the film. And for Finn, after the incidents of episode six, his appearance is highly probable. This means Conrad Khan, who plays Duke, might show up in the film too.

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According to Steven, they are actively looking for new actors to add to the film. So we will have to wait for future updates to find out what other great additions have been made to the film.

What can be the plot of the film

The Peaky Blinders movie’s narrative has yet to be released, which is likely due to the fact that the script of the film is still in its early stages.

Knight has spoken to a number of media sources about the film, revealing that it would be set in and around WWII, which makes sense considering Tommy Shelby’s (Cillian Murphy) relationship with Oswald Mosely (Sam Claflin) and the show’s focus on the development of Nazi power during that time period.

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