Fans Bid Farewell to ‘Peaky Blinders’ as It Finally Ends: “Peaky Blinders will never be just a show”

Fans Bid Farewell to ‘Peaky Blinders’ as It Finally Ends: “Peaky Blinders will never be just a show”

Saying goodbyes are always the hardest, especially when you’ve been following the show for almost seven years now. Well, for better or worse Peaky Blinders has finally come to an end. Not sure we all wanted this day to come, but the mind-blowing finale that came with it sure was a hell of a compensation.

The cast had said their farewell to the characters long ago. But for fans, today is the day of saying goodbye to a show whose like will never come again.

Fans bid farewell to Peaky Blinders on its end

Not many shows have been able to do what Peaky Blinders did: deliver the best with each season. The final episode one-of-a-kind show aired just hours ago and we can’t help but be emotional about it.

Episode six marked the end of the Peaky Blinders series whose conclusion will come probably next year in the form of a feature film, even though the last episode was nothing less than a film in itself.

As soon as people completed the episode fans of the show were quick to go on Twitter to bid fare thee well and express their gratitude to the show.

In a tweet this morning by Peaky Blinders‘ official Twitter account thanking fans for their loyalty towards the show for all these years. Fans have been thanking the show’s creators and cast in return in the comments for a thrilling ride till the very end. Some of the tweets by the fans are given below:

A quick recap of 5th episode

In case you haven’t seen the last episode, which you must as soon as possible. Here is a recap of all the major happenings of episode 5 for you to be ready for the last episode.

In episode 5 things get worse than ever between Tommy and Lizzie after she finds out Tommy slept with Diana. On the business side, we get to know that Tommy has to go to Canada to collect the payment and his new son Duke has his apprehensions about the “Darker” side of the business. Lastly, we find out the mole, the black cat Billy is hired by Nelson to work for him to bring the Shelby boys down.

What do you feel about the Peaky Blinders ending after season 6? Could they have gone on a little longer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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