Back When Sadie Sink Took Fans on a Nostalgic Ride of 80s Trendy Extravaganza

Back When Sadie Sink Took Fans on a Nostalgic Ride of 80s Trendy Extravaganza

Big telephone technology, action figure mania, an end to the bronze age of comic books, the emergence of personal computers, and everything in between. Although a little strange, the 80s pop culture will always stand out from the rest and serve as a springboard to many contemporary developments. Notably, Netflix’s flagship show, Stranger Things, is a portal to that era, and its star, Sadie Sink, is the queen of its pop culture.

Although almost the entire Hawkins high gang of the sci-fi drama is a bunch of Gen Z kids, in reality, they very much live the lives of Cabbage Patch Kids and embrace the period in all the right ways. Since their journey will soon come to an end and we will never be able to re-live one of the most vibrant eras of all time, we want you to take out a little time and join Mad Max as she takes you on a journey to the golden era’s biggest trends in one of her videos.

Sadie Sink does 80s Trends the right way

Back in 2017, the 20-year-old actress explained the biggest trends of the 80s in the most adorable way possible. As you can see in the video posted by W Magazine below, she was dressed as a teenager of that era and talked about everything that was in fashion during that time.

Well, if you can’t live without your smartphone, Sadie Sink and her Hawkins high friends never got one. Back in those days, they had telephones with a long chord attached to it. The plus point is, they could even connect from Upside Down. According to Maxine, Cabbage Patch Kids topped every 80s kids’ Christmas list. Parents had to rush to the shops before the stock got over. Nintendo too is a product of the great era. If you have one and it isn’t playing, it is probably because you haven’t cleaned its cartilage per the actress.

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Apart from these, blue eye-shadow, home workout videos, Rubix cube, Shoulder pads, floppy disks, Trapper Keeper, and Dot Matrix Paper are things you must have if you want to call yourself a product of the late 19th century. Watch the entire video above and do let us know how much on a scale of 10 can you qualify as a part of Hawkins high gang.

Meanwhile, catch Sink’s stunning performance in Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix.

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