Aubrey Plaza for ‘M3GAN 2’? Fans Can’t Get Enough of Actor’s SNL Act

Aubrey Plaza for ‘M3GAN 2’? Fans Can’t Get Enough of Actor’s SNL Act

After killing it in The White Lotus, Aubrey Plaza has made an outstanding comeback on Saturday Night Live. The 38-year-old recently appeared on a show and rocked it with a powerful monologue. She is also known for her notable work on Parks and Recreation, Dirty Grandpa, and Legion.

It was not the first time Plaza performed on the stage of SNL. The last time she was on the show was in the spring of 2020. She recently made a comeback on the show and played the role of M3GAN from the recently released horror sci-fi film.

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Aubrey Plaza hosted the show with a dynamic monologue

Aubrey Plaza said that she was chosen as the most famous person in Delaware in a 2018 survey done by The Wilmington, a member of the USA TODAY Network. That implies that she defeated President Joe Biden, who was a former senator from the state of Delaware.

She also played Megan in the film M3GAN, which was released recently and was one of the most anticipated films of the year. Additionally, according to USA Today, the stunts that she performed as Megan were more dangerous than in the film. Also, she wasn’t alone who rocked it on the stage of SNL. She was accompanied by an old friend and co-star, Amy Poehler, with whom she worked in Parks and Recreation.

SNL is one of the longest-running shows in the history of television. The show never disappoints and has a good idea of what its audience likes. Moreover, the show never fails to provide viewers with hilarious pop culture references and its unique take on recent situations.

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The program has developed its own standards, which it tries to live up to. Many of the actress’ fans were thrilled to watch her make a comeback, and here is how they are reacting.

Aubrey was last spotted in the film Emily the Criminal last year. Surprisingly, most people believe she played Megan better than Jenna Davis, who actually played Megan in the film.

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