“A little of both…”- SNL’s Colin Jost Makes the Most Hilarious Revelation About His and Scarlett Johansson’s Baby to Jimmy Fallon

“A little of both…”- SNL’s Colin Jost Makes the Most Hilarious Revelation About His and Scarlett Johansson’s Baby to Jimmy Fallon

When Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost welcomed their new baby boy, Cosmo, paps and fans alike wanted a look. But unfortunately, not every couple is as camera-friendly as our Reynolds family. The Jost family is a bit private and they have managed to keep their toddler away from the glares of the camera. Until Colin guested on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to reveal his son’s identity. 

The couple has kept a relatively low profile ever since they got hitched in 2020. They met on the sets of Saturday Night Live in 2006. Jost had just joined as a writer, and Scarlett was already a big star by then, fresh off the success of The Prestige. The couple would see more of each other as Scarlett would return to host the show before hitting it off in 2017. Nearly a year later, Colin spills some beans on his son.

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Colin Jost reveals his son’s face to Jimmy Fallon 

A few days after Aubrey Plaza had a chat with Jimmy Fallon, his co-star Jost guested on the show. The 40-year-old was well aware of the netizens’ interest in their son, so he brought a picture with him. After asking for his permission, Fallon held up the framed photo for the audience to see. And lo and behold, it was not his son, but M3GAN, the internet’s favorite terrifying doll at present! Jost joked about how their son resembled both of them, especially Johansson with his blonde locks! 

“It’s like a mix. You see it’s both of us. Just a little of both of us,” he said, keeping a straight face. It was clear that Josh had no intention of revealing his son’s identity yet. But he fooled the audience hard. Well, what can you expect from an SNL star? 

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M3GAN  is the character from the latest horror movie of the same name. The surprise hit is eating up the box office. It’s already getting a sequel.  The campy thriller is about a roboticist, Gemma, who creates artificial intelligence, M3GAN, a companion for kids. When she gifts it to her 8-year-old niece, she sets dice rolling for some horrifying events to take place.

Did you expect him to show M3GAN’s picture?

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