Ana de Armas Took 9 Months’ Rigor To Master The American Beauty Marilyn Monroe’s Accent For ‘Blonde’ (Netflix)

Ana de Armas Took 9 Months’ Rigor To Master The American Beauty Marilyn Monroe’s Accent For ‘Blonde’ (Netflix)

The Gray Man star Ana de Armas has always been quite a charmer onscreen whether it’s an action sequence or fanciful looks. The Cuban-Spanish actress has also made an impression in English theatres with her roles in films like Knock Knock, No Time to Die, Knives Out, and Deep Water, among others. Her career took a step ahead when she was cast for the role of iconic Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe.

However, embodying the emblematic revolutionary of the 1960s wasn’t easy as it seems to be. It took a lot more practice and energy to take on one of the best heroines of English history as Armas revealed in a recent interview. Let’s dive deeper into the conversation where she talked about her upcoming movie ‘Blonde.’

It took several months for Ana de Armas to acquire Monroe’s personality in Blonde

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Ana de Armas opened up about her journey in portraying the challenging role. For Blonde, Ana had to undergo extensive vocal training for nine months. She learned to speak in Marilyn’s style so the movie could feel realistic to the audience since Marilyn Monroe was a combination of artistry and revolution so she has to justify her character.

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Moreover, many might not know that Monroe used to stammer as a kid and went into therapy to overcome it. This resulted in a husky voice for which she became famous in her Hollywood roles. So The Gray Man actress did everything in her power to get that voice:

“I tried! It only took me nine months of dialect coaching and practising, and some ADR sessions [rerecording dialogue after filming],” added the actress.

Meanwhile, while doing this film, Armas felt a connection with women in the industry. Even if the time has changed, challenges for women are still the same in the industry.

“I had a lot of thoughts as a woman in the industry, and even in general, about how things from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s are so relatable to nowadays,” said the actress. She shares how it can be tough to make it in the industry without a strong base in the family.

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We will see the fruits of Armas’s hard work when Blonde releases on Netflix on September 23, 2022. Get ready to see the initial rise of this impeccable star and her epic demise a surprising shock for the world.

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