An Intimate Look Into Netflix Uncut Gems’ Julia Fox’s Relationship With “jeen-yuhs” Kanye West

An Intimate Look Into Netflix Uncut Gems’ Julia Fox’s Relationship With “jeen-yuhs” Kanye West

Kanye West, now legally known as Ye, has a lot on his plate. The guy can’t seem to catch a break with his publicized divorce with Kim Kardashian, break up with Julia Fox, and the release of his Netflix documentary, jeen-yuhs. The documentary struck a chord with fans and non-fans thanks to Coodie Simmons’ sympathetic lens, which captured Ye as a troubled star with an insane amount of talent. The heartbreaking documentary shows the rise of the underdog Kanye to the unhinged star that he has become now. But the documentary doesn’t reveal too much about the star’s relationship with Julia Fox. 

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Julia had her prom moment while dating Kanye West 

The Kanye West Netflix documentary shows snippets of a sweet Kanye, and we get to see that side of him in his relationship with Julia. The Call Her Daddy host and Interview Magazine columnist, Julia, was very vocal about how Kanye spoiled her. She mentioned that she was attracted to his “super magnetic” vibe, and he made her feel safe. Kanye was punctual on their very first meeting and surprised her with a hotel suite full of new clothes. According to Julia that was her prom moment. She was skeptical about Kanye’s grand promises, but he delivered. The content Uncut Gems star happily labeled their relationship and coined the term Jullye for fans shipping them. 

Things were hectic between them

The third part of the Kanye West Netflix documentary introduced us to the unhinged, erratic Kanye. And this is also reflected in his relationship with Julia. Julia revealed that it was “difficult” and “hectic” for her to keep up with Kanye. “It feels like you’re just going with the flow, but the flow is very hectic if that makes sense. It’s a lot of last-minute decisions or deciding to go somewhere at the last minute and activating when needed.”

Moreover, Kanye was still pining for Kim. To which, Julia expressed that it’s “human” and she understood that he would have residual feelings. 

Soon after this revelation, the couple broke up after dating for 2 months. Julia removed all evidence of Kanye from her Instagram post and posted stories assuring her fans that she has moved on.  

Now that we have some tea on Julia and Ye’s relationship from jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, what are your thoughts on the couple?

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