Cillian Murphy Opens Up About the Wardrobe of Peaky Blinders, Says, “It’s Not Really My Style, to Be Honest.”

Cillian Murphy Opens Up About the Wardrobe of Peaky Blinders, Says, “It’s Not Really My Style, to Be Honest.”

Seldom do you come across a show that is in itself a lifestyle? We remember shows like Game of Thrones for its brilliant storytelling, Breaking Bad for its exquisite characters, and Money Heist for the thrill. But there is one show that has all of it; to add to that shows us the perfect way to present ourselves in absolutely alluring attire. We are indeed talking about BBC’s Peaky Blinders and its signature look of an English gentleman. But what if we tell you that Cillian Murphy is not really a fan of the very thing he looks so beautiful in?

Well, it may come as a rather surprising fact to many. But Cillian in a recent interview with GQ revealed that the suits he wears in the show are not really his thing. He enjoys wearing them, but they are not really something that he believes to be his style. Here is everything the Irish actor has to say about it.

Cillian Murphy reveals if he ever incorporated anything from the Peaky Blinders wardrobe

While having a chat with GQ’s Urbano Hidalgo, Cillian was asked whether he ever incorporated anything from the amazing wardrobe of Peaky Blinders. Given that the stuff the actors wear on the show is magnificent, you’d imagine he picked up a thing or two from it. Surprisingly, Cillian Murphy revealed suits are not really his style.

While explaining himself, he said, “It’s not really my style, to be honest, but I love wearing suits.” Cillian revealed how exciting it was to get the suits tailored for the series, although he prefers to dress more casually in real life. He also revealed what his wardrobe actually looks like, “In my closet, you can find good boots, great jeans, a good coat, scarves… I love everything tailored, however.

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Then what exactly is Cillian Murphy’s style? Well, who better than Cillian himself to answer that? Murphy said that his style is very classic. He likes objects that have a tradition and he respects their manufacturing history. Well, that explains why the man looks so breathtaking every time he steps out.

While Cillian is not really fond of wearing suits, Tommy sure as hell dons them with sheer love. We will see more of him in the coming episodes of Peaky Blinders season 6.


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