Amidst Kanye West’s Online Controversies, Ex-Wife Kim Kardashian Has “had enough” of Him

Amidst Kanye West’s Online Controversies, Ex-Wife Kim Kardashian Has “had enough” of Him

Kim Kardashian wants to cut all ties with Kanye West. The last week has been super stormy as Ye went full throttle on his Twitter and Instagram. In a bizarre outburst of Tweets and Insta posts, the Gold Digger singer managed to offend several celebrities and even communities. This has likely caused a bad name not only to him but also to the people around him. Including Kim with whom he shares four children.

The socialite has her image to maintain, which has been dragged through by the West since they separated. Though the businesswoman has been pretty patient with him, even supporting and promoting his new sunglasses brand. But apparently, she has reached her limit and patience this time. A source close to her has revealed more about it.

What made Kim distance herself from Kanye West?

Kanye West shot too many bullets through his words this past week. The musician clapped back at Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa- Johnson when she condemned his White Lives Matter statement T-shirt. But that was just the beginning of Ye’s wrath. His social media profiles were starting to get reviewed for offensive content.

This did not set well with the artist, who even tagged social media owner Mark Zuckerberg by reminding him of their friendship, through an old video. That likely did not get him any positive response. But his latest post could lead to his permanent ban online.

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According to a report his tweet wishing “death Con to Jews” was the last straw that made Kim distance herself completely from the artist. A close source said, “She has had enough of his conspiracy theories, bullying, and hateful rhetoric.” She does not even wish to communicate with him directly anymore.

So far, whenever Ye made any social media mess-ups, the SKIMS owner would be the one approached to help him out or talk to him. But she no longer wants to be in that position. The former couple is in fact in the process of a very rough divorce, arguing about everything from the kid’s schooling to Kim’s dating interest.

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