Kim Kardashian Distances Herself From Ex-Husband Kanye West, to Communicate Through Assitants

Kim Kardashian Distances Herself From Ex-Husband Kanye West, to Communicate Through Assitants

Kanye West and Kim’s relationship has spiraled down in a similar path as the former’s social media. Despite trying to remain cordial, the two are only drifting apart, mostly due to Ye’s endless controversies. The couple is now at a stage where they refuse to communicate with each other directly. This is likely the outcome of the hip-hop artist’s rageful behaviors this past week.

The duo was once happy in love, as they multiplied into a family of six through their nearly seven years of marriage. So far, Ye has been pulling back the topic of their marriage and kids through his posts, worsening his relationship with the ex-wife. But what became the ultimate breaking point was the singer’s recent actions, that has led Kim to distance herself from her former husband entirely.

How ex-couple Kanye West and Kim communicate now

Since Kanye’s recent rants, he and Kim have ceased to have any direct communications. In fact according to reports they talk to each other through their assistants when required. The 41-year-old Kardashian clan leader and the YZY owner already departed due to their difference of opinion, but the relationship has only soured with time.

This is in part due to Ye wearing White Lives Matter T-shirt at a fashion show recently that attracted a lot of criticism. The other reason being, his recent rant that included the anti-semitic comment, garnering wide negative attention. Also getting him restricted and under review from both Instagram and Twitter, as a result of his increasingly offensive talks.

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“They have had zero communication in several weeks, and all communication regarding the kid’s schedules are now coordinated through assistants: said one close source. How things proceed between West and Kardashian is unsure for now. Also since the couple has four kids together it further toughens the situation.

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