Americans Are Now Viewing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “a bit differently”, Claims Jack Royston

Americans Are Now Viewing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “a bit differently”, Claims Jack Royston

Prince Harry has made quite a brand of himself after he left his royal life. The new Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan, which he co-created with his wife, Meghan Markle, is gaining traction. Apart from that, his memoir Spare is on its way to making new sales records.

The book made a splash when it came out, and the Duke of Sussex shocked the world with his unprecedented truth bombs. While many people have come to support the couple, some people appear to be abandoning them in addition to the Brits.

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Prince Harry seems to lose the support: Spare being the reason

When the couple left Britain and settled in the United States, they seemed to have a lot of sympathy from the people of America. Of course, they still have a few supporters left in Great Britain, but the United States has the majority of sympathetic people.

However, an expert claims that Harry’s bizarre revelations and strange events have cost him many supporters. According to Express, expert Jack Royston has suggested that the sympathy the core supporters of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s supporters had for them initially seems to be gone after they revealed their struggle story.

“Some people in America were starting to view Harry and Meghan a little bit differently and maybe a little bit less sympathetically,” said Royston. Although he also mentioned that maybe a majority is still supporting the couple, they have begun to raise questions after the couple’s blockbuster interview with Oprah.

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He also took the names of some major publications like Variety, which are now asking the couple to bring some uniqueness to their content. The expert suggests the couple bring a new story and leave their royal life behind in the narrative just like they did in their real life.

Royston also brought numbers in as he mentioned that the youth, especially the people from the age group between 18-24, have significantly dropped their support towards the ex-royals. According to him, Harry has become a “figure of ridicule” since the story came out.

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10 thoughts on “Americans Are Now Viewing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “a bit differently”, Claims Jack Royston

  1. Reply
    January 27, 2023 at 10:50 pm

    I don’t agree. The book gave me a clear understanding of the suffering that Harry has endured, and the trauma he has experienced due to the death of his mother. It highlights the insensitive media and harassment they have endured.

    1. Reply
      January 28, 2023 at 7:48 am

      They are a continuing joke. Unfortunately, they still don’t get it.

  2. Reply
    January 28, 2023 at 12:29 am

    I agree with Sharon wholeheartedly! This situation didn’t happen overnight and the “Royals” knew what was happening but ignored it just like they have for hundreds of years. Deceit and intrigue is in their DNA.

  3. Reply
    January 28, 2023 at 3:37 pm

    I still think it’s not only the royal family’s fault (particularly KC’s) but the British press’s as well. (Seriously Come on! Who let’s any family member of theirs out of the house let alone a palace dressed as a Nazi? Let alone a teenager whom they basically kept in the dark.) There’s still an opportunity for this to address the issues of not only mental illness, eating disorders but also problematic family dynamics.

    The British press were looking for a villain within the wives of Windsor like they did with Sarah and Diana back in the 80’s to 90’s. So they did it in this generation with Kate & Meghan. Harry and Megan is this generations Duke & Duchess of Winsor until the Royal family gets their act together (or a pair/spine/balls etc…) and tells British press (Piers Morgan in particular) to (in using a terms most Brits would understand) Bloody bugger off.– Thank you.

  4. Reply
    January 28, 2023 at 10:48 pm

    Royston is absolutely right. They left, they told “their story” on Oprah. Now they just won’t stop moaning. Get on with your life. Most people on this earth are facing existence crises. Harry thinks it is ok for him to reveal that his brother is circumcised! Did his brother give him permission to tell the world this? Everything that ever went wrong in his life is someone’s fault. He and Meghan never did anything wrong. This one-sided account simply shows him to be a vindictive, spoilt, whining brat, who still hasn’t grown up. I am sure as his grandmother once said, “recollections may vary.”

  5. Reply
    January 29, 2023 at 3:08 am

    A documentary has both sides! This was a reality t.v series!

  6. Reply
    January 29, 2023 at 8:37 am

    100% agree , those two making money of the Real Royals, Harry should have known what his place is and with the training all none Royals wife’s are getting to marry into the British family, but the 3 class Actress wanted more and when she did not was relieved it cried Rase issues, she Married the spare not the Future King, Harry & Megan are an disgusting, on TV and the Book.

  7. Reply
    January 30, 2023 at 3:23 am

    So very tired of these two spoiled idiots! My daughter’s father died when she was 3, my daughter died when my grandsons were one year old and eleven, I have been widowed twice. Life is life. We are living our best lives. They deserve to live an isolated existence as they chose it. I mean what did they expect? Two years from now they will be nothing!

  8. Reply
    Christine Tatom
    February 18, 2023 at 5:45 am

    They spoke about moving to South Africa. What are they waiting for? I won’t miss them. They (Meghag can play her racist card there and see where it gets her…lol No really, they will be loved for sure.

  9. Reply
    February 19, 2023 at 3:09 am

    Old news. Harry and Megan’s whining needs to stop. Yes, a therapist might suggest a person purge himself by writing down all the trauma in his life. Maybe share some of it with people involved. Explain how it made him feel. But I doubt a mental health professional would suggest publicizing your dirty laundry for the world to read. Purge it out by writing it down, then put it behind you. Burn the memoir to symbolize it is over and you are making a new life.

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