Meghan Markle Is Betting Her Money on Prince Harry to Win Grammy for ‘Spare’

Meghan Markle Is Betting Her Money on Prince Harry to Win Grammy for ‘Spare’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are making new records every day. Be it trending on top of all the celebrities in the world or making headlines through their latest creation, Harry and Meghan, this power couple has shown everyone that they are the best as a team.

Not just the documentary but the sale of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare has gone off the roof. It doesn’t matter how haters are perceiving Harry’s memoir; his wife seems to be fully confident about him winning the Grammy for his book.

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Meghan Markle thinks Prince Harry might have a shot at the Grammys

Apart from publishing it as a book, the 38-year-old prince also narrated the book in his voice. Also, he has taken the liberty to add a verse from Elton John’s Your Song. He sang the verse when he mentioned his mother’s death concert at her 10th death anniversary. According to Nezherald, a source has claimed that Meghan Markle believes that the excellent performance of Prince Harry in his audiobook might lead him to win the Grammy for Best Spoken Word.

The storytelling skills of the Duke of Sussex are pretty good. This is clear from the documentary Harry and Meghan, and he has used a similar formula in his memoir. And even though some people are disparaging him for his revelations in the book, the Suits actress thinks that he is a strong candidate for the Grammy.

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Prince Harry seems to have a strong connection with Elton John and his songs. Not only because he sang his verse in his audiobook, but John also performed at the wedding reception of Harry and Meghan. The addition of the verse to the audiobook was totally impromptu. And the Duchess of Sussex believes that, just like former President Obama, Harry might win a Grammy next year.

Moreover, an insider has said that Prince might appear as a presenter at the upcoming Academy Awards. It seems like he might soon join the cinema industry, just like his wife, if he goes at this pace.

Do you agree with Meghan Markle about her husband’s chances of winning a Grammy? Tell us in the comments.


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