Does the UK Not Want Prince Harry and Meghan Back “at all”? Royal Author Makes Serious Claims

Does the UK Not Want Prince Harry and Meghan Back “at all”? Royal Author Makes Serious Claims

It seems like the first month of 2023 will be all about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And it is anticipated that the pair will make news once again in the months to come. With their sensational revelations about their time with the royal family and their struggles while and after they left them, there is quite a lot to absorb.

And as they displayed in their $100 million Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan, the couple left the royal life because of the curt behavior of Harry’s family. Also, according to Harry, the toxic and dynamic behavior of the media frustrated the couple. But what are the views of British citizens about the duo?

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Why don’t British people want Harry and Meghan back?

The enigma both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex faced is what’s portrayed in the incendiary documentary, which is on its way to breaking new viewership records. Along with that, Prince Harry’s memoir Spare is drawing traction from people all over the world. However, people in his homeland do not appear to support either of the ex-royal couple’s projects.

As per Sky News, royal author Angela Levin asserts that many UK citizens oppose Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s return to the nation. She also provided a justification for this rationality as she said, “Because you can’t trust them, and they will report everything or do another documentary about it or another book and look for all the negative.”

People also believe that he and Meghan might try to draw the attention of people if they ever come back. According to Levin, if they ever come back, they would want to deviate people’s attention from King Charles.

These are the same people who were extremely excited when Prince Harry married the Suits actress of color. Moreover, the people of the UK were happy because this was the first time in history that a woman of color, and that too from a foreign land, got married to a British royal.

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Do you also think that the couple is trying to draw attention? Tell us in the comments.

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