All of Us Are Dead: This Non-Action Scene Took a Whopping 17 Retakes

All of Us Are Dead: This Non-Action Scene Took a Whopping 17 Retakes

Fans of k-dramas know all too well how significant any form of a physical display of affection is to the characters they see on screens. This might be a cultural shock to the Western audiences who are used to seeing shows like Euphoria and Bridgerton. But, relative modesty is what Asians are infamously used to. And this is clear from the need to shoot this one scene between Park Solomon and Choi Yi-Hyun in All of Us Are Dead a whopping 17 times!

What is this scene in question?

Considering the amount of action and seemingly difficult scenes in All of Us Are Dead, fans might expect action sequences to have taken up most of the time. Shockingly, it isn’t moving across a windowsill or running from zombies that the cast of the Netflix Original had trouble shooting. Actors Park Solomon (Lee Su-Hyeok) and Cho Yi-Hyun (Choi Nam-Ra) in fact faced the most distress while shooting their kiss scene.

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The reason for this was simple. With her eyes closed, Yi-Hyun found herself unable to sense her way around. She revealed in an interview that she constantly kept apologizing to Park for her mishaps. Park, in turn, was eager to shoot the scene repeatedly. Watch the interaction between the actors below:

Will we see more of Nam-Ra and Su-Hyeok in All of Us Are Dead season 2?

A tragic ending wasn’t in store for all the couples from All of Us Are Dead. RIP Cheong-San and the budding romance he had with On-Jo, but both Nam-Ra and Su-Hyeok survived season 1. Considering this, there is a high possibility that we might see more of the adorable couple in season 2. Seeing the reaction fans have had for season 1 of the series on Netflix and its massive success, there is a very high chance that All of Us Are Dead and Nam-Ra and Su-Hyeok might be back very soon. Stay tuned for all updates on the Netflix series and keep streaming the show.

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