Nam-Ra In ‘All of Us Dead’ Poses With A Netflix Suitcase – Everything You Need To Know About Choi Yi Hyun

Nam-Ra In ‘All of Us Dead’ Poses With A Netflix Suitcase – Everything You Need To Know About Choi Yi Hyun

While the Netflix original, All of us are dead cast found stardom overnight, one, in particular, has gained a massive fan following post the series end. Choi Yi Hyun, who plays the character of Nam-ra in the hit high octane zombie show, recently posted a picture of her posing with a Netflix suitcase on Twitter. 

Just like the rest of the fans, we are not curious about what’s in the suitcase, we are instead busy admiring her beauty. 

Fans have given the actress a nickname, ‘Baby Angel’. In the recent live Netflix production, her co-star makes fun of the nickname. The actress, on the other hand, happily gives her best baby angel pose to appease her fans. You can hear her co-stars coo-eing behind her. 

All of us are dead Nam-Ra actress Past projects and achievements

Choi Yi Hyun is not new to acting. Born in 1999, the 22-year-old pursued acting and landed her first project in 2017. She played supporting roles in Hospital Playlist, How to buy a friend, My country: The new age, Inspector Koo, Less than evil, and Bad papa before assuming main roles in School 2021, and All of us are dead.  

She received the Best Couple Award for her role in School 2021. 

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Choi Yi Hyun as Nam-ra

Choi Yi Hyun essays the role of Nam-ra, who is a class president at Hyosan High. Although she was never regarded as the class president by her peers, she demonstrates her leadership abilities when their school is overrun by zombies. 

Viewers loved her level-headedness and her chemistry with Su-hyeok played by Park Solomon. The on-screen couple has become a topic of discussion among the Koreaboos.

Interestingly, Choi was not too inclined to act in a violent drama. She wanted to appear in something calm for a change, but the director, Lee Jae Kyoo, changed her mind. 

Wild theories about her character in Season 2 of All of us are dead are making the rounds. There’s no doubt that the Seoul native will be back on the project to reprise her role. 

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