Who Are “All of Us Are Dead” Cast?

Who Are “All of Us Are Dead” Cast?

Netflix’s new Korean drama release, All of Us Are Dead, is hugely successful globally. The new horror series proves to be an enthralling and horrifying watch. The ground zero of the zombie outbreak in this series is a high school. From having crushes to holding grudges, the new series captures believable sequences of a teen’s life during an emergency. However, the fascination with the story stems from an amazing cast.

All of Us Are Dead casting

In a recent interview with Tatler, director Lee JQ talks about casting the members. “I thought it was very important that the actors should be very close to the characters that we wanted to portray. In the end, I really picked the cast who are similar to their characters in real life, especially if they were particularly emotional in their own ways which I thought was also a plus point,” said the famous show’s director. Let’s have a look at the All of Us Are Dead cast members and learn more about them.

Lee Cheong San played by Yoon Chan-young

The young South Korean actor has loads of experience at such a young age. His earlier works include Nobody Knows, Uisa Yohan, and Still 17. Do You Like Brahms is the most recent appearance of the rising actor. In All of Us Are Dead, he is one of the main leads of the show and portrays a strong character with good decision-making skills and agility.

Na Yeon played by Lee Yoo-mi 


Well, if you are wondering that she has a familiar face, you are right. The viewers probably known her for her role in the record-breaking show, Squid Game, where she played the role of Ji-yeong (player 240). Her projects also include The Yellow Sea (2010), Young Adult Matters (2020) and My Holo Love (2020).

She shared her thoughts about her role in the new series in a press conference, “I really can’t wait to show you my character Na Yeon, and I know that a lot of you might hate the character and hate me for the character, but going forward, and because of that, I wish I could present you maybe a lovely character that’s endearing.”

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Nam On-jo played by Park Ji-Hoo

Another young, experienced actor, is 18-year-old Park Ji-Hoo. Her debut work was 2016’s Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned. However, one of her best roles is in House of Hummingbird back in 2018. In an interview with Tatler ahead of the show’s release, the young actor shared thoughts on her character.

“I think I’m actually very similar to my character because we’re both kind of clumsy, very upbeat and I like hanging out with my friends. In a lot of moments, I thought to myself if I were On-ju, I would have done the same,” she said.

Lee Soo-hyeok played by Park Solomon

Solomon played an excellent role in 2014 Bride of the Century series. His other works include other K-Dramas like 2016’s Doctors, and Lookout and Sweet Revenge in 2017. He portrays an agile student with a high fighting spirit in the recent series.

Choi Nam-Ra played by Cho Yi-hyun

Among the cast, the 22-year-old South Korean actor has been in a lot of popular K-Drama such as My Country: The New age back, Hospital Playlist, and Inspector Koo. In the same Tatler interview, she shared her thoughts on the character.

“I think Nam-ra is very charming because she stays poised during all the crises while everyone else is in panic. She’s very discerning which is what really drew me to her. And because my character becomes different later in the series, I went to action school and took a lot of action lessons to show my expressions and how I would use my fingers and the rest of my body,” she said

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The other cast members include Lee Eun-Saem (Park Mi-Jin), Ha Seung-Ri (Jang Ha-Ri), Kim Bo-Yoon (Seo Hyo-Ryung), Ahn Seung-Kyoon (Oh Joon-Young), Jin Ho-Eun (Jang Min-Jae), Ahn Ji-Ho (Kim Cheol-Soo), Shin Jae-Hwi (Chang-Hoon) and Kim Jin-Young (Kim Ji-Min) and Yoo In-Soo (Yoon Gwi-Nam).

All of Us Are Dead is now the number one TV show on Netflix. Check out this incredible new series now streaming on Netflix.

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