WATCH: The Last Bella Ciao of Money Heist Sung by the Gang Has Fans in Tears

WATCH: The Last Bella Ciao of Money Heist Sung by the Gang Has Fans in Tears

Netflix took an enormous gamble when it picked up the canceled Money Heist. The Spanish thriller series repaid their debt by becoming one of the most-watched Netflix series. Professor’s charms, the red jumpsuits with Dali masks, and a gripping storyline were definitely the reasons behind its success. However, ironically enough, the unsung warrior that helped Money Heist was Bella Ciao.

Bella Ciao from Money Heist received love from across the globe and it also contributed to the popularity of the series. But fans became emotional when the gang of thieves sang Bella Ciao for the last time on December 3, 2021.

Fans’ react to the last Bella Ciao from Money Heist

Fans were barely holding up after receiving the news of Money Heist’s end. But, the gang singing the song one last time after the successful completion of the heist just broke the fans. Fan reactions keep pouring in on Twitter after the release of Money Heist season 5 part 2, and the song has mesmerized all the fans.

Even though all the actors are professionals, we are sure they must have taken multiple retakes to get this one right. We can’t blame them, considering it was their last time singing the song. One fan even made a cool edit of all the Bella Ciao sung in different seasons.

Some history about Bella Ciao

Money Heist took its first step in multiculturalism when it adopted Bella Ciao, an Italian protest song. The Money Heist crew sings the song in Italian, contrary to the predominant Spanish language in the series. The song roughly translates to “Goodbye Beautiful” and the paddy workers in Italy first sang during the late 19th century.

The song has always acted as a symbol for the oppressed to raise their voices. The best example would be from 1943 to 1945 when Germany tried to annex Italy. Tokyo has also narrated the story behind the song, where Professor’s grandfather, who was a part of the anti-fascist movement in Italy, teaches him about resistance.

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Various artists have sung different versions of the song, and eventually, Money Heist adapted it in the series. Although Money Heist has officially ended, the song could still feature in the spinoff series based on Berlin or the Korean remake of Money Heist.

Let us know in the comments if you have binged Money Heist. Until then, Bella Ciao!

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