Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2: Is Tokyo Alive? Here’s What We Know

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2: Is Tokyo Alive? Here’s What We Know

If you thought El Clasico is the only exciting and nail-biting entertainment that comes out of Spain, then you were wrong. Money Heist, also called La Casa de Papel by the nerdy fans, is something that proves you wrong. Money Heist Season 5 ended on a rather sad note, following the death of Tokyo; but if there is one thing that you can be sure about while watching this Netflix show, it is you can never be sure about anything.

Tokyo, being the narrator of the show from season 1, has also been one of the favorite characters. It is obvious that fans do not want to give up on her just yet. Given how unpredictable the show has been with its plots and twists, it gives us reasons to believe that our beloved short-haired Spanish beauty is still alive and will be returning. Let’s explore some of these theories about how exactly is Tokyo alive.

It goes without saying, but a spoiler alert is issued here!

The narrator can’t be dead

One of the most famous and straightforward theories about Tokyo’s survival is that she just cannot die since she is the narrator of the show. However, as one knows how complex the plot of Money Heist is, maybe they will end playing with our heads and using this very simple theory to show how Tokyo is alive. Only part 2 of season 5 will tell.

Tokyo’s Money Heist – It’s all in the mind

One of the theories about Tokyo and Money Heist suggests that Tokyo’s mind is the trickster behind all this, reducing the entire heist and plot to a mere fraction of Tokyo’s imagination. Meaning she is just dreaming about this whole thing.

It also suggests that it is Tokyo’s coping mechanism following the death of her boyfriend during the first heist shown in the flashbacks. The mind can always be a great player, and maybe it is one here too.

The heavenly garden

It was in season 4 when Nairobi died, and we are still hoping she will join her friends Oslo, Berlin, and Moscow in the metaphorical heaven which is shown as a beautiful garden. Denver, Helsinki, and Professor were also seen in that garden, which probably hints at their deaths, but fans have been saying that Tokyo never appeared to be in this garden; which probably means she is not dead. Yet.

We will only know the reality of Tokyo’s fate on Netflix on December 3. Until then, we are all just speculating.

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