THIS All of Us Are Dead Scene Is Gaining Attention for the Most Unexpected Reason

THIS All of Us Are Dead Scene Is Gaining Attention for the Most Unexpected Reason

All of Us Are Dead has taken the entertainment world by storm. Considering its wildly rising popularity, knowing that fans keep discussing it is certainly not much of a shock. But you’d be shocked to know that it is this scene that they’re revisiting a lot.

The premise of the scene

From the scene where a zombie from a cubicle attacks students until Ha-Ri blows its brains off to the one where a group of zombie children ambushes a person, this Netflix Original has more than its fair share of scenes that set viewers on edge. One scene that was supposed to be this way but turned out, well, comical is this exchange between Cheong-San and Su-Hyeok.

The duo didn’t get off on the right foot as Park Solomon’s Su-Hyeok was the popular athletic bully we see in every high school series and Yoon Chan-Young’ Cheong-San was a soft character.

A definitive arc of the series is watching our perception of Su-Hyeok change. He goes from being a bully to rescuing his peers to the best of his abilities. An example of this is when he helps Cheong-San get rid of a zombie. Yes, we’re talking about the window scene where the viewers of the Netflix series watch these two characters bond.

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Both Su-Hyeok and Cheong-San are walking outside windows across thin boundaries as they attempt to stay away from zombies. Cheong-San gets in trouble as a zombie is at his feet and will not let go, putting him at risk of infection or falling down the building. In a very defining moment, Su-Hyeok risks his own life to help his classmate. The scene is as wholesome as it is thrilling, but this isn’t what attracted fans to it.

So, why is this All of Us Are Dead scene more popular than the others?

What is the common trait between the car scene in Grease, Sonny thrashing Carlos in The Godfather, and the female heroes magically coming together in Avengers: Endgame?

As most of our readers would’ve guessed by now, the common aspect here is “scenes so badly directed they almost ruined the movie”. This scene from All of Us Are Dead is gaining attention for the very same reasons.

All of Us Are Dead has exceeded fans’ expectations in every way. Hence, it was disappointing for viewers to see how little effort had been put into the making of the same. As is evident from the picture below, we see two shadows. If the scene was set indoors or late at night, this is something that users wouldn’t have found off-putting. But, unfortunately, it was set in broad daylight, making the lighting seem obviously fake.

Not only was the direction careless, but the two characters’ bickering, while they were on the ledge, was extremely out of character. The only appropriate way to describe this scene would be the word ‘anticlimactic’.

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What do you think about this scene? Does it ruin the experience for you? Let us know in the comments!

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