The Most Shocking Zombie Transformations in All of Us Are Dead

The Most Shocking Zombie Transformations in All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead is a name we have all grown familiar with. The show is in a league of its own and its wild popularity isn’t a surprise. Right from the very beginning, the series has kept viewers hooked to their screens as they gradually watched their friends being transformed into zombies. Here are some of the most shocking zombie transformations/ revelations from the Korean Netflix series:

MRI Scan

The MRI scan scene was a fan favorite, and we knew it would be right as soon as we saw it. The eerie setting, the unsettling hospital colors and two healthcare professionals who cared more about their patient’s well-being than they did their own- all of this made the scene one of the most shocking ones in the Netflix series.

Zombie teacher

Until this scene, we were used to slow-moving zombies who couldn’t handle their own bodies properly, let alone harm others. But this school teacher ran headfirst into a wall and then bit a student’s cheek off. Only one word can sum up this scene: terrifying.

Cubicle zombie

More often than not, impaling an evil creature through the mouth marks the end of combat. But All of Us Are Dead isn’t one to follow clichés. Making for one of the most terrifying deaths of the series, we watch two students impale a zombie and then struggle to keep the agitated creature away, fighting for their life.

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The hanging zombie

While watching the group of students successfully and completely bar the door might have tricked viewers into believing they were safe. Making for a thrilling scene, they watched the students fight against a zombie that was hanging from a cloth, making its way into the room while ensuring that it didn’t end up infecting them.

The most terrifying All of Us Are Dead scene: Zombie children

What’s more terrifying than adult zombies? Zombie children. And no, this wasn’t a joke. Those who have seen this Netflix Original till its end know very well which scene we’re talking about. The large number of children barging out of their rooms while an adult focuses on running away from them, reluctant to attack any child is hands down the single most terrifying death from All of Us Are Dead. Therefore, it bags the prize for being the most traumatising sequence to watch as to stream the show on Netflix.

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Which scene do you think belongs to this list that we seem to have forgotten? Let us know in the comments!

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