After Online Controversies, Kanye West Ends Up Arguing in Real Life at His Son’s Soccer Practice

After Online Controversies, Kanye West Ends Up Arguing in Real Life at His Son’s Soccer Practice

It seems like Kanye West will win the award for “The Most Controversial Person of the Year” in 2022. In the past few months, the rapper has made it to the news almost daily. Especially talking about the past month, where the biggest controversy that he got into was the anti-semantic marks that he made over a podcast. This got him banned from Twitter and Instagram. Most important of all, his status as a billionaire dropped to a millionaire as major brands like GAP and Adidas cut ties with his brand, Yeezy. While his professional career is already at stake, Ye has let it affect his personal life, as evident at his son’s soccer practice recently.

Kanye West storms off after getting into the argument

One thing is for sure: Ye’s professional setbacks are affecting his behavior in his personal life. He recently got into a heated conversation with a lady at his son’s soccer practice. Most importantly, the lady is well-connected to the Kardashian and West families and can be called an old friend to them. This argument was captured on the camera from a distance, in which West can be seen yelling at the women and eventually storming off. However, it was not clear what started the argument.

According to Consequence Sound, Kim Kardashian was also present at the soccer practice of their son Saint. However, she was surrounded by the guards and did not seem to mingle with West there. According to a witness who spoke to TMZ, West returned to the game after he was calmed a bit, and the rest of the game proceeded without a hitch.

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The rapper, however, tried to apologize for his comments on George Floyd last weekend. He now understands how ugly it must have been for Floyd after he lost his partnerships with so many important brands.

Even though he apologized for his comment on George, he once again repeated the mistake by making another anti-semantic remark in the same interview. West repeated the stereotype and claimed that a Jewish doctor had misdiagnosed his mental health problems.

Do you think he will apologize for it in the future? And if he does, will he be able to partner with his old brand allies? Tell us in the comments.

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