Amidst Controversies, Is Kanye West Going Back to Ex-Wife Kim Kardarshian for Money?

Amidst Controversies, Is Kanye West Going Back to Ex-Wife Kim Kardarshian for Money?

Kanye West has lost his billionaire status. The Gold Digger singer digs his own financial grave through his endless offensive social media posts. The shadow ban on him now is not the only way that people are expressing their disappointment. Like a domino effect, everyone around the artist started distancing themselves from him.

People once stood in queues outside shops to buy newly launched Yeezys. West’s name was enough to add value to any product, and he had everything going for him. But just as his success grew, it also went into a downward spiral. Now that the financial crisis has started knocking on his door, he is looking to his former wife Kim Kardashian for help. Here is how the socialite is preparing for the storm ahead.

Kim Kardashian braces herself as Kanye West begins to ask for money

Kanye West is seeing a massive downfall in his income. Kim Kardashian is well aware of the situation and has already started taking steps to deal with the situation. As per sources, “She is very aware that he could be knocking on her day at any point.” She, along with the other Kardashian members, has already started getting calls and texts from Ye, as he desperately tries to reach out to them.

The SKIMS owner wants nothing but to keep her family and children safe. She has even perked up the security at home knowing how unpredictable the father of her kids can be. Meanwhile, the couple was still in the midst of a nasty divorce as he continued to attack her online. The source also said that if West begins to negotiate, he will probably ask no less than one billion because “That’s just how he rolls,”  

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Ye claimed to have lost $2 billion in a day, and the artist is also known for spending money lavishly. Kardashian may consider filing a restraining order against him in the future, especially since he still has visitation rights to their kids. The Flashing Lights singer has been trying to contact his ex-wife through different numbers. The matter may only get messier as their divorce intensifies and his bank account shrinks. Do you think Kim Kardashian will help him out? Comment your opinions.

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