After Nearly a Year of His Oscar Slapgate, Will Smith’s ‘Pole to Pole’ Is Back in Production

After Nearly a Year of His Oscar Slapgate, Will Smith’s ‘Pole to Pole’ Is Back in Production

From being a rapper to becoming one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood, Will Smith has come a long way. Over the years, the actor has given countless hit films and shows, cementing himself as one of the greatest there is. However, the 2022 Oscars was one of the most life-changing events in the actor’s life. Smith, who once was every director’s first choice, had to sit back and watch his projects get canceled. But things seem to be getting better for the actor now.

Soon after his Oscar slap gate with Chris Rock, a number of celebrities and directors distanced themselves from Smith. Academy Awards banned the actor and most of his projects were put on-hold or waived off. However, after nearly a year, Smith seems to be rising from the ashes. Not long ago, the actor made his comeback to our screens with Emancipation. And as per recent reports, Smith’s National Geographic and Disney series, Pole to Pole, is also back in production.

Will Smith all set to appear in an upcoming National Geographic project

Months after his historical drama, Emancipation, made its way to our screens, another Will Smith project is set to start its production. Back in April 2022, Disney Studios delayed his National Geography TV program, Pole to Pole. The nature documentary series will follow Smith’s journey of nearly 26000 miles from South Pole To North Pole. However, reportedly, Smith commenced with the filming in Antarctica back in December.

Pole to Pole will mark the third time Smith will work alongside National Geography. Previously, the I Am Legend actor starred in two of the channel’s projects, Welcome to Earth and One Strange Rock. The series is finally back in production after almost a year. Apart from starring in the documentary series, Smith is also the executive producer for the show as well.

Interestingly, Pole to Pole is not the only Smith project that is back in action now. Not long ago, Sony Studios announced the fourth installment for the popular action comedy movie, Bad Boys, per Variety’s report. Smith even took to Instagram to announce Bad Boys 4.

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Meanwhile, there seems to be no update on when Pole to Pole will make its way to our screens. However, chances are that the project will premier worldwide later this year.

Which project by the actor are you looking forward to? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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