How Many Genies Are Too Many Genies? Will Smith’s Disney Return to ‘Aladdin 2’ Might Just Answer That Question

How Many Genies Are Too Many Genies? Will Smith’s Disney Return to ‘Aladdin 2’ Might Just Answer That Question

The year 2023 finally brings good things for many people. As the year is turning up high hopes for many celebrities, how can we forget Will Smith? After his comeback post the Oscar slapping incident, the actor is getting back on track with exciting upcoming movie sequels. One of them is a fan-favorite Disney film, Aladdin. However, there is one question about the iconic character that’s been bothering many fans.

In the first film, Smith portrayed the amazing Genie. People loved him so much that at the premiere of the film, he even turned into a real-life Genie to fulfill a little baby’s wish. While Smith fans are waiting to see Guy Ritchie’s miracle in the next Aladdin film, they also have a question about Genie as well. Considering the ending of the first film, is Will Smith going to be different? Is Guy Ritchie going to introduce another Genie? Well, here is the answer to all your questions.

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Will there be more than one Genie in Will Smith starrer Aladdin 2?

As Aladdin’s tale is one of the most famous and loved stories, there have been many adaptations of the original story. In 2019, Guy Ritchie created a musical fantasy film starring Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Marwan Kenzari, and more talented actors. After the success of the first film, finally Aladdin 2 got a green light. However, at the end of the first film, we saw Genie turning into a human as he fell in love. There is now a question about the dynamics of the film. Well, there are many possibilities for introducing the iconic character of Genie.

One idea, as reported by the GIANT FREAKING ROBOT, is that the Emancipation actor’s genie would give up his powers. It would disrupt the balance of the universe in the upcoming film. Because of his action, they would capture him and ask about his intentions behind doing so. Well, there could be a larger evil force that tries to disturb the established order. Now that the genie is human, he can do nothing to stop the ill force.

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More genies from the universe could show up in this next film as well. While how the creator of the film is planning to shape the dynamics of Aladdin 2 is unknown, do you think it will be grander? Well, it could be a little twisted from the original source as well. However, fans loved the deviation from the original source in the first film and it showed in the Box Office collection. Therefore, they have high hopes for the next movie as well.

How do you think Guy Ritchie would shape the fantasy world? Share your wild imaginations with us in the comment box below.

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