After Mariah Carey, Ice Spice Takes Over the Internet with Kim Kardashian and North West in a Fun TikTok Video

After Mariah Carey, Ice Spice Takes Over the Internet with Kim Kardashian and North West in a Fun TikTok Video

North West is growing at a fast pace on TikTok, with some big celebrities to tag along. She shares an account with her mother Kim Kardashian and they are one of the highest followed celebrities on the social media platform. They have over 14.8 million followers who get to watch them dance, mimic, and invite guests occasionally.

West and Kardashian’s daughter recently posted a TikTok video of herself and friends dancing to the Ice Spice song ‘In Ha Mood.’ But making a surprise appearance in the video was none other than the singer herself. Spice was in an all-pink attire while making her iconic dance moves. The girls, on the other hand, were just hopping with excitement to have their favorite celebrity around. Jumping into the scene was the mother Kim Kardashian for a moment before quickly disappearing again. The Bronx-based singer seemed more than happy to be a part of the video, as she smiled widely during the entire video.

This likely comes after the viral video of North West drawing a sketch of her favorite musician. It became a much-discussed topic and Ice Spice even appreciated the young artist for her amazing sketch, which the proud mother shared with the world.

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This collaboration followed by the sketch has left fans in awe. They are showering the performance with compliments and shock over it all.

Fans react as North West and Kim Kardashian dance along with Ice Spice

If North West likes something, Kim Kardashian makes sure that the wish comes true. The latest Ice Spice video has got fans surprisingly pleased. One fan mentioned how it was the crossover they never knew they needed. While another one pointed out how everyone in the video was doing their own thing out of fun. Other fans jokingly called it Ice Spice babysitting the girls.


There were those who pointed out how the young singer already gets to collaborate with these singers. Weeks before this, Mariah Carey and her daughter Monroe Cannon collaborated with the mother-daughter duo. The video was uploaded to her own TikTok account as they danced to ‘It’s a Wrap for You.’

Although there have been concerns about West’s daughter being exposed to the internet at such an early age, the 42-year-old mother makes sure to keep a close eye by making a shared account.

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