After Imitating Father Kanye West on TikTok, North West Now Turns the Tides by Poking Fun at Kim Kardashian

After Imitating Father Kanye West on TikTok, North West Now Turns the Tides by Poking Fun at Kim Kardashian

North West comes from the lineage of two of the flag-bearers of pop culture. Her father Kanye West is referred to as a “genius” owing to his path-breaking lyrics while Kim Kardashian, as we all know, is a mother, millionaire, law student, and billionaire. Therefore, their child is bound to know her way around the entertainment. Speaking of which, her Bound 2  music video in which she dresses up as her father with Kim Kardashian has a separate fanbase of its own.

North West is just nine years old. And posting videos on TikTok to entertain millions on a day-to-day basis is perhaps only the ribbon cutting to the large following she aims at having. The junior West, after poking fun at her father a few months ago, has decided to sew in a plot twist for her followers.

North West’s new TikTok video defines peaks Gen X behavior

Despite being only nine years old, Kanye West’s daughter still makes headlines with her mere minutes long videos. Sometimes they are lighthearted and only mimicking her father, while at other times, they raise genuine questions about what her mother was doing when she posted the videos. And the latest one falls somewhere between these two realms. The TikTok star was filming herself while kneading dough for some homemade pasta when she started talking about how Kim Kardashian “hates” crumbs.

West used a voice filter in her videos as she imitated her mother’s threats about not letting her sleep on her bed if she litters it with crumbs. But being the daughter of the ‘Consequence’ rapper, which is arguably one of the best diss tracks, North West said she didn’t even want to sleep in her mother’s bed.

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While we are sure no one enjoys crumbs on their bread, but if your daughter is a TikTok sensation, then the consequences are going to be different. Kim Kardashian was not the star of the show, however, because North West had another celebrity guest on her account.

After Mariah Carey’s daughter, North West calls upon Selena Gomez’s sister

The TikTok account may be called KimandNorth, but fans think it is high time they modify it to Kim, North, and the Hollywood industry. Just a few days ago, North West posted a video with Mariah Carey’s daughter, Monroe Cannon showing off their dance moves to Mariah Carey’s ‘It’s A Wrap’. The video also included appearances by Kim Kardashian and pop queen Mariah Carey herself.

This time North West has another iconic singer’s family on her account. West’s daughter was making homemade pasta with Selena Gomez’s younger sister, Gracie Elliott. Elliott is nine years old and has already made her red carpet debut at the 2023 Golden Globes. While North West may not get five stars for her homemade pasta recipe, she definitely gets it for her storytelling and guest star.

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