“She’s so…” – Ice Spice Reacts to Being Sketched by North West After Kim Kardashian Shares It

“She’s so…” – Ice Spice Reacts to Being Sketched by North West After Kim Kardashian Shares It

Ice Spice has commented about the sketch that 9-year-old North West made of her. While the eldest child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is active on TikTok, her talents go way beyond. Her mother often shows off the different activities and skills that her four children pick up, one of which seems to drawing and sketching.

The whole of the internet began raving when Kardashian shared sketches made by her daughter. Now, the sketch seems to have reached the ‘Bikini Bottom’ singer, whe has directly mentioned the artist while responding to it.

What Ice Spice said upon seeing the sketch by North West

Ice Spice is one of the newest Bronx rappers that has quickly garnered a fan base. So when one of her biggest fans, North West, drew a sketch, she made sure to appreciate it. As per TMZ HipHop, she was asked whether she has seen the sketch. She replied, “I did. It was so cute. Thank you, North. She’s so talented.” The portrait was shared on the joint TikTok account of Kim Kardashian and North West. Here they often share content together.

But that was just one of the few portraits in the young artist’s art collection. The Picasso-in-making also drew a portrait of her grandmother Kris Jenner, younger sibling Psalm West as well as a scenic view of the glowing sun on a beach.

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Kim Kardashian had previously shared paintings from the artist, but some people wondered if she actually did them or not. So this time the TikTok video had clips of her sketching the entire sketch. But there are many other talents that proud mother Kardashian shares about her daughter.

The many talents of North West that Kim Kardashian has shared on social media

One of the most viral videos of the mother-daughter video perhaps is North West dressed as her father Kanye West and mimicking him. She also sang Snowman at the Kardashian Christmas party along with Sia last year. The young singer even made her debut performance at a Yeezy fashion show singing, “This is my new team,” as models walked on the ramp.

The socialite does face occasional criticism over the over-sharing of her daughter on social media, but she assures of keeping a close eye on her activities. It will be seen what other talents and skills North West will show in the future.

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What do you think of the sketches made by North West? Comment your thoughts.

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