After Jenna Ortega’s Comment, Fans Can’t Help but Compare Billie Eilish to Wednesday Adams

After Jenna Ortega’s Comment, Fans Can’t Help but Compare Billie Eilish to Wednesday Adams

Does Wednesday Addams remind you of Billie Eilish? The 20-year-old Grammy singer is known for her angelic voice. Her music may seem mature for her age, but she is still a young, budding artist who is still exploring her music style. The Gen Z singer is one of the biggest pop icons today.

Her music is often deemed to be meaningful but dark, although she thinks fans misunderstand her. The singer is known for her comfortable loose clothing style, dark clothes, and glaring glass eyes. Now that Netflix’s Wednesday has been released, fans cannot help but compare the singer to the iconic character.

How fans are comparing Billie Eilish to Wednesday Addams

Wednesday has dropped with a bomb on Netflix, continuing the story of the Addams family that began in 1964. Times may have changed, but the series remains relevant to this day. As per reports, fans are comparing the character Wednesday Addams to No Time To Die singer Billie Eilish.

Other than some classic pieces, the singer is known for her punk pop style music and fashion sense. She recently dropped photos from her photoshoot and fans could not help but see Wednesday in her. In fact, some wish that she could have played the role instead of Jenna Ortega.

Eilish’s photoshoot was in partnership with High Snobiety, done to promote Eilish’s Fragrance. The singer shows off her silver jewelry, jet-black hair, and parted fringe hair, representing the experience of the scent. Her fashion styles have also been appreciated during award ceremonies. The singer once spoke about how she is a happy person, unlike what her fans assume of her.

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As for the comparison with Wednesday Addams, it may be limited to physical appearance. In fact, Ortega once accepted how Eilish was her inspiration for the looks and feel of the character. Perhaps the singer could sing a number or guest star in the series sometime. Wednesday should be up for a season 2 soon.

What do you think of the comparison between Billie Eilish and Jenna Ortega? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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