ADORABLE! Boyfriend Jake Bongiovi Pays Millie Bobby Brown a Visit on Her First Shoot Day for ‘The Electric State’

ADORABLE! Boyfriend Jake Bongiovi Pays Millie Bobby Brown a Visit on Her First Shoot Day for ‘The Electric State’

Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown have been seeing each other for some time now. From them goofing around with Songbird Supreme Mariah Carey or Jake encouraging Brown’s education, their relationship is nothing but adorable. Even when it comes to her professional life, Bongiovi is a constant presence and a heartening pillar of support for the young actress.

Just recently, a behind-the-scenes camera spotted Jake on the sets of The Electric State, as Millie Bobby Brown starts filming for the action drama. Talk about endearing! Let us find out what transpired on the sets of the upcoming film.

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Jake Bongiovi visits Millie Bobby Brown on set

Filming for Brown’s upcoming movie, The Electric State began on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. While energies and nerves are high in a shoot’s nascent stage, looks like Millie had her support system handy. Her beau Jake was spotted hanging around the sets as the Stranger Things actress prepared for the scene.

On-shoot pictures of Millie dressed in ripped black tights, a denim skirt and a matching jacket surfaced online. While she is ready in full costume, walking with a bike, her partner Jake was seen walking a dog in the background of the mise en scène. One can also spot veteran actor and comedian Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame donning a full CGI get-up.

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What is Brown’s upcoming The Electric State about?

Directed by the Russo Brothers, Anthony, and Joe, The Electric State is a Netflix film “set in a retro-futuristic pastaccording to Deadline. Based on a book of the same name by visual artist Simon Stålenhag, the film stars other massive names like Chris Pratt, Michelle Yeoh, Brian Cox, and Stanley Tucci alongside Brown and Alexander.

A fascinating juxtaposition of nostalgia and eventuality, the film might display a distinct cinematic language and visually stunning, cutting-edge imagery. The Electric State follows a teenage orphan played by Brown, who takes on a quest to find her younger brother. With an enigmatic robot and an outlandish drifter as her only company, she journeys through the American Midwest.

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Wasn’t it sweet for Bongiovi to show up on Millie’s set to encourage her? What do you think about the premise of The Electric State? Let us know in the comments. While it will take at least another year for this film to premiere, you can always watch Enola Holmes streaming on Netflix for some quirky, Millie Bobby Brown goodness.

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