$70 Million Worth Ryan Gosling Has a Filthy Pompous Car Collection

$70 Million Worth Ryan Gosling Has a Filthy Pompous Car Collection

Ryan Gosling, the name is not unknown to the masses. The list of Hollywood’s most successful and popular actors is incomplete without the La La Land star. Over the years, Gosling has cemented himself as one of the greatest actors in the film industry. The Blade Runner 2049 actor is an inspiration to tons of individuals and enjoys an incredibly successful career. Owing to all his success in the film industry, Gosling, like many other Hollywood actors, lives a very luxurious life.

As we all know, our favorite actors and celebrities live a very glamorous beyond the cameras and enjoy some of the most lavish luxuries in the world. Over the years, we have seen a plethora of Hollywood actors spending a huge amount of money on luxury cars. From Henry Cavill to Will Smith, there are plenty of celebrities who enjoy fast and powerful vehicles. And amongst them also is Ryan Gosling, who has a massive collection which includes some very expensive cars.

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What all cars are a part of the massive car collection of Ryan Gosling?

Ryan Gosling, as we all know, is one of the most bankable actors in the industry today. And apart from acting, the actor is a big fan of luxury and powerful cars. The first car in the La La Land star’s garage is the BMW Z8.

1) BMW Z8

The BMW Z8 is one of the coolest convertible and iconic cars ever produced by the German car production company BMW. It is the perfect roadster and includes a 4.8-litre V8 engine. Interestingly, this vehicle has a top speed of nearly 300 km/hr and is worth $250,000.

2) Ford Mustang

The next car in Gosling‘s garage is the incredibly popular vehicle Ford Mustang. With a top speed of nearly 250 km/hour, the ‘Muscle’ car features a 5.0 liter V8-engine and is worth $36000.

3) Range Rover Vogue

Following the insane car collection is Gosling’s Range Rover Vogue. The Vogue is an extremely popular SUVs and a number of popular celebrities own it. The 7-seater SUV has a jaw dropping price of $163,000.

4) Porsche 911

Gosling is a big fan of fast cars and anyone who loves fast cars cannot not own the Porsche 911. This insanely popular driving machine has a 3.7-liter 6-cylinder engine with nearly 370 horsepower and is worth $98000.

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What are your favorite cars from Gosling’s collection? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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