From Ferrari to Bentley – Here’s a Look Into the Crazy $1.5 Million Automobile Collection of Henry Cavill

From Ferrari to Bentley – Here’s a Look Into the Crazy $1.5 Million Automobile Collection of Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill knows exactly where to spend his vast fortune! The once 18-year-old France-born boy, who traveled to the States for education and opportunities, landed in the film industry with his debutant movie Laguna back in 2001. And ever since, the 39-year-old Brit has never looked back.

From Count of Monte Cristo and his first breakthrough role as a handsome duke in The Tudors to bagging the role of the mightiest superhero in the universe, Cavill is a self-made and rather successful actor. And since he has amassed such a large fortune, the fan-favorite Geralt of Rivia does not shy away from living a rather luxurious life.

From a big futuristic mansion in California to a collection of vintage and luxury cars, many can only dream of, Cavill has certainly invested in a joyous life. So if you are automobile enthusiast, here’s a sneak peek into his impressive fortune of cars and motorbikes:

A sneak peek into the huge car collection owned by Henry Cavill

As of 2022, The Witcher actor owns an aggregate of $45 million. From acting to brand engrossment, incentives, and production, he has prospered in all of it. And notably, the British actor likes to invest a considerable amount of his vast fortune in cars. Cavill reportedly owns cars worth an estimated $1.5 million and a few more bikes. From the beauty of the Rolls Royce Wraith ($343,000) to Ferrari and Bentley, his four-wheeled beauties would make your jaw drop.

Notably, his collection consists an Aston Martin DBS ($334,700), Ferrari 458 Spider ($295,000), McLaren MP4-12C ($92,995), Bentley Continental S ($200,000), Bentley Bentayga ($245,000), Rolls-Royce Wraith ($344,500), and the bikes Ducati XDiavel S ($20,000) and Ducati Panigale V4S ($21,995). With such a collection, it is no surprise that the fan-favorite Geralt of Rivia is also fond of the races. Media has spotted him attending the Goodword Motor Circuit and enjoying the races.

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Apart from his ardent passion for cars and bikes, he is also a nerd for video games. How can we forget the actor almost lost his Superman deal because he was in between one of those high-tech games?

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Anyway, Henry Cavill is certainly living a dream life. If you had such a large net worth, which cars would be a part of your prestigious collection? Feel free to share your choices in the comment section below.

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