7 Young Henry Cavill Pictures That Will Make You Swoon Over the British Actor

7 Young Henry Cavill Pictures That Will Make You Swoon Over the British Actor

Henry Cavill has been a heartthrob since a pretty young age. One of the most handsome men in the world, he could have the straightest of men question their preferences. He one rightfully bagged the role of DC’s Superman. Not only is he handsome but also armed with amazing acting skills and good knowledge.

The blue-eyed British hunk is 6.1 feet tall, with a muscular physique and a personality fit to play a superhero. In fact, the makers of Superman did a laughing test by putting him in the old superhero’s costume. But when Henry came out wearing it, no one laughed. That spoke volumes about how well the actor carries himself. Celebrating the 39-year-old, here are 7 photos of a young Cavill to make you swoon.

A look into a young Henry Cavill

British actor Henry Cavill has some devilishly good looks. It may be difficult to believe, but Henry used to be quite chubby as a kid. However, his beauty began to visibly bloom as he grew. It is almost difficult to believe that the same young child went on to become a superhero.

One of the actor’s earliest major roles was playing the knight Charles Brandon in the 2007 Primetime periodic show Tudors.

A still of young Henry from the 2003 movie Capture the Castle. Henry was 20 when he played Stephen Colley in the romantic movie.

Cavill played one of the leads in the 2002 movie Count of Monte Cristo as Albert Mondego, a polished young gentleman.

The actor played Soldier Colley in the 2002 true story-based film Goodbye, Mr. Chips. The movie was an inspiration for William Balgarnie, a schoolmaster, whose student wrote the story for him.

Playing the role of Thomas Aprea was a young Cavill in the movie 2001 Hotel Laguna. Henry was just 17 at the time he was cast in the movie.

Cavill’s character Melot was set in the dark ages and was seen in Tristan and Isolde, a 2006 romantic/ drama film.

The actor began his career in the Hollywood industry at the tender age of 17 and has been donning roles in mostly periodic action movies ever since.

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We will see more of him next, bringing back his British accent in Enola Holmes 2. Which one of his looks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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