How a Fan Was Inspired to Make Super Mario Character Based Off of Henry Cavill’s ‘Mission Impossible’ Look

How a Fan Was Inspired to Make Super Mario Character Based Off of Henry Cavill’s ‘Mission Impossible’ Look

Henry Cavill once inspired a new idea. The Superman actor is one of those actors who has made a career out of rocking one type of role. In his case, it is playing a hero or a knight in period fantasy dramas. Thanks to this, we have seen the actor in different avatars. Be it his hairstyle, costume, or overall persona required for the role. Cavill has also proven himself to do any roles that come his way efficiently. So, he will be a good Mario should that moment arise.

His makeover of being Superman to The Witcher gave us a glimpse of the same. The celebrity is just now at the peak of his career, and we can expect even more variations in the future. But that does not keep fans from being inspired by the roles he has already mastered. One such fan took inspiration from Cavill’s Mission: Impossible 6 role and re-imagined it into Super Mario.

Henry Cavill was re-imagined as Super Mario

Henry Cavill, who is usually a protagonist, played the bad guy in Mission Impossible 6 alongside Tom Cruise. The Enola Holmes actor played Alan Walker in the action thriller, donning a polished look with a mustache and some long coats to complete the villainous look. In fact, he grew that mustache for real for the movie, and the makers of Superman had to use CGI for some of the scenes that intersected with Cavill’s new film. And a fan once used this character as the base to cast the actor as Mario.

Bosslogic, the artist who makes these fictional character concepts, imagined Henry’s mustache look to be perfectly fitting for SuperMario. Mario, with a mustache of the Super Smash Bros., was a gaming character that was widely popular in the 90s. The Japan-only game was spread worldwide due to its approval and still remains one of the most widely known gaming characters.

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This was in 2018, and so far, no movie development of Super Mario is in the discussion. But if any such is to be made in the future, the makers now have Henry Cavill as a good potential. By the looks of the photo, he can bring to life Mario’s character while giving it the required seriousness as well. Would you like to see Henry playing Mario? Let us know in the comments.

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